Newcomer Gaudion has announced his clever, indie pop single TV Shows, a wistful reflection upon love and loss written during a period of deep change and development. Gaudion has also revealed a sweet, adventurous video to accompany the track, directed by Guido Pezz.

TV Shows is one for fans of guitar pop and brilliant Australian songwriting. Evocative of Dean Lewis, Ziggy Alberts, and Ben Howard, TV Shows would feel at home on the soundtrack for a coming of age romantic film. Catchy and affecting, this song features Gaudion’s lovely vocal performance front and centre. Gaudion tells Hi Fi Way more.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single?
The build up of TV Shows was very good in my opinion. I hadn’t released any music for about eight months so people were excited to see what I had been working on. I’m very excited to be continuously sharing more music throughout the year so stay tuned.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
Making music is generally a lengthy process, in that sometimes being emotionally hard. However it’s something which I truly love doing, so it’s never really ‘challenging’ I suppose. It’s actually really beautiful.

Sonically, how would describe your music?
The speed of sound amazes me. The sound wave may take its time to get to you, but eventually you will hear it.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
My initial musical inspiration came from Tracey Chapman. I heard Fast Car on the radio when I was younger and then I taught myself to play it on guitar. It heavily influenced my playing style on my guitar and writing. More recently I’ve been inspired by artists such as Dermot Kennedy, Ed Sheeran and Lauv.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Take every single opportunity you have in front of you as a privilege. No matter how big or small that gig, interview or meeting may be you could be very surprised with the outcome.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
I am planning to tour more broadly. Hopefully by the end of 2020 or early 2021 (depending on the pandemic) will see me doing a lot more shows around Australia. I’m very excited to get back on stage and show everyone some stuff I’ve been working on .

What’s next for Gaudion?
Stay Tuned! I have A LOT of music coming out this year, a lot of content as well and a lot of stories to share.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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