Testament “Titans Of Creation”

Bursting back onto the scene, four years after the release of Brotherhood Of The Snake, TESTAMENT release Titans Of Creation: a fully fleshed-out, twelve track monster from start to finish has a fresh face and a wide variety of influence while still retaining that all-familiar TESTAMENT feeling long-standing fans have come to enjoy.

As a whole Titans Of Creation is a punchy, hard-hitting and melodic piece that showcases the best of the talent TESTAMENT has to offer. And while it is not necessarily a bad thing, a handful of the songs stick out to me as having a similar structure which on one hand brings the album together in an easy to digest flow but could become “samey” upon multiple listens.

The standout track of the album is track four Night of the Witch features Eric Peterson’s vocals in a Black Metal inspired guttural mix that blends the power Peterson brings to the table with Billy’s harsh vocals to create a sound that sounds as if it was straight out of the ’80s Scandanavian Black Metal scene. Not wanting to sound entirely too oppressive, Night of the Witch is cut through with rhythmic guitar that will bring back any listener not familiar with Black Metal structure. But as a final nod to the haunting theme and lyrical topic, a theremin rings out into the distance as the song closes off: alluding to and providing the mental image of witches flying off into the darkness.

I have to give major credit to Billy for pushing to get this album out, as two weeks prior to the release of Titans Of Creation he and his wife tested positive for COVID-19 and following that bassist DiGiorigo also tested positive. However, the use of technology such as “FaceTime Calls” and the usual face to face writing and recording style led the band to have an easy time putting the album together that flowed nicely with the “everyone has their piece and say” recording style that TESTAMENT like to use; this allows for input from every member of the band rather than everyone working independently and then having to mix individual parts together.

While the process itself may have changed to adapt with advances in technology, TESTAMENT has stood true and stuck to their genuine Thrash roots over a course of decades. And this has culminated into Titans Of Creation a healthy and powerful addition to the glowing TESTAMENT discography.

Album Review By Xander Johnson

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