Dua Lipa “Future Nostaglia”

Dua Lipa’s new album Future Nostalgia instantly brought me to a Back to the Future kind of moment. The album title aptly describes the sound and tempo transcending into the 80s and 90s but still within the 2020 realm. Song by song and with its slick pop synth and bass dance beats Future Nostalgia is more coherent than Lipa’s debut, offering a more solidified sound.

While instantly catchy, it’s an album that you get more into the groove with each listen, feeding off happy pop vibes which is very much needed in this time of social distancing. My first reaction was to get up and dance. Maybe I did. I mean I am home alone!

The title track Future Nostalgia has a sexy vibe while Don’t Start Now with the catchy disco beat is the highlight. A pure pop dance track with a hook that stays in your mind a long time after you’ve finished listening. Cool is exactly what the title claims, a cool vibe with a slower dance beat perfect to dance with your partner in isolation “Got me losing all my cool/ ‘Cause I’m burning up on you/ In control of what I do/ And I love the way you move.”

While most are comparing song Physical to the classic Olivia Newton John 80s song with the same name, I hear more of a Patti LaBelle New Attitude beat but with a 2020s kick to it. Levitate has a catchy swinging beat and Pretty Please while also catchy tries harder to be sexy but still has you hanging in there for the rest of the album.

The disappointment is reserved for the last two songs off the album Good in Bed and Boys Will Be Boys. The lyrics are an attempt for social commentary rather than the usual themes of love and sex but they simply miss the mark. My recommendation is skipping those and just put the first nine songs on repeat.

Future Nostalgia is perfect for dancing around in our lounge rooms. It’s pop at its most necessary for this era and in these isolating times it’s a much needed distraction to get through the boredom. Dance to it like no-ones watching.

Album Review by Anastasia Lambis

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