Ocean Grove “Flip Phone Fantasy”

Based in Melbourne, Ocean Grove delivers Flip Phone Fantasy, a twelve track record filled to and above capacity with easy listening structure topped off with the all-familiar Australian drone reminiscent of The Chats or Tame Impala but flavoured with the nu-metal style popularised by Linkin Park.

A turn in a very different direction from their first album Black Label, Flip Phone Fantasy (FPF) trades in the heavier tones and harsh vocals for the aforementioned mellowed out tunes especially prominent in the start of the closing track FREAKS, my personal favourite; opening with gentle vocals of Luke Holmes and then quickly dropping back into an open staged, powerful chorus that is easy to follow, sing or dance to.

As a whole, the album flows beautifully from song to song, it transitions smooth enough to the point where I was wondering when the next song would start before realising I’m already four or five tracks deep. FPF is the kind of album you can chuck on during a barbeque with some mates, crack open a couple of cold beers and have a chat to but you’ll quickly be brought to standing by the feet-moving sound. To conclude, it’s an absolute pleasure to come back to Ocean Grove after a few years, they will be entering my daily rotation from now on.

Album Review By Xander Johnson

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