Birds Of Tokyo “Human Design”

Birds Of Tokyo have delivered album number six and boy oh boy it is impressive. Human Design shows the band plotting a course in a different direction with very personal and reflective lyrics revealing what has been a very difficult period of time for front man Ian Kenny personally. There is no doubt that this album is some what of a soul cleansing process covering a wide range of emotions.

The three big singles released so far deal with Kenny’s marriage breakup with The Great Mistakes, the ARIA nominated Good Lord and the anthemic Unbreakable does provide another perspective on this break up. The power of these songs is how relatable they are and how people can identify this heart ache.

Human Design isn’t focused entirely on songs of heart ache and misery for your enjoyment but there is a sense of hope that life moves on and will get better. Designed is focused on acceptance and Unbreakable is that fuck it moment where it is time to rebuild and move on. Hope comes by way the Two Of Us and My Darling, My Son giving the listener an insight to his new loves. The album really does need to be taken in as a whole to feel that raft of emotions. When Home Calls and Photo By The Lake are also album highlights which are quite emotive and reflective.

The band have continued to push on creatively experimenting with string arrangements and Dive is an example of that which has been done so well. Is this a nod to the future and a glimpse to the upcoming Symphonic Tour? Maybe! Album closer Never Going Back has some very powerful messaging to inspire the listener almost like a call to arms to make change. Human Design is a well connected album giving fans something can identify with and connect to in tough times we’re experiencing at the moment. Fantastic!

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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