Cal Wilson @ The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 12/3/2020

The iconic Cal Wilson’s Open Book is exactly that; an invitation to Cal’s own thoughts, her diary read aloud to us. Drenched in electric pink, red and purple lighting, the stage is set as Cal strides onto her stage in the opening song, taking immediate ownership of the theatre and her adoring fans. In a radiant fuchsia pink chiffon top and red, pink and black hair, we all felt the positive vibes from Cal’s energy. Her inviting and comfortable aura allowed us to sit back and relax as we listened to her memoir-like stories about her life, the adventures she has with her family and of course, her cats.

In order to comprehend the mind of Cal, you have to understand her quirky personality and lifestyle. She explains facts and oddities about her anxieties with aging, her experiences from her hometown New Zealand, motherhood and the perplexing perils of pet ownership. Cal opened her set with telling us that Adelaide’s annual Fringe is her favourite festival. She then goes straight into her hilarious stories about the city’s scooters and her inability to easily walk through a closed-off rundle street as she stumbles on dining tables and chairs.

Admittedly a cat lady, Cal’s most graphic and unforgettably grotesque story revolves around her charismatic ‘hunter’ cat and its catch for the day. This story is the most memorable for some pretty gross and outrageous reasons and involves a special mention to “Satan’s confetti” and The Beatles’ Blackbird. This is why we love Cal. She grossed us out with her cat and menopause tales and as the night unravelled, her mum-like dealings with some rowdy drunks in the back row added to her endearing traits. She is a must-see comedienne who is a pleasure to watch. Go see Cal Wilson as soon as you can, for an honest and lovable show!

Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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