Truckload Of Sky The Lost Songs Of David McComb @, LVL 5 At RCC, Adelaide 12/3/2020

Tonight’s concert is a labour of love by some of David McComb’s family, friends and collaborators. Sadly David died 21 years ago but prior to that he was an indie rock god in my eyes and was a member of The Triffids, The Black Eyes Susans as well as his own solo band. Tonight is bittersweet for me as tonight’s venue was also the very first venue I saw The Triffids at some thirty eight years ago.

The band consists of members of both the Triffids and the Black Eyed Susans with some guest vocalists. An album of the lost songs was released a few weeks ago and although they had to change some of the vocalists for this concert due to unavailability it did not detract at all as the replacements were brilliant.

Rob Snarski sang quite a few songs tonight and my favourites were Kiss Him (He’s History) and Ocean of You. Rob has one of the best male voices in Australia and I have seen him several times over the years. I look forward to hearing his velvety clear voice again in May when he comes back to Adelaide on the 3rd of May and hope he adds a few of the songs he sang tonight to his repertoire.

Alex Gow sang some great songs as well tonight. A Trick of the Light from my favourite Triffids album (Calenture) was excellent during the encore and although he deferred to the album version sung by Romy Vager, Alex’s version of Kneel so Low from the lost songs album was sublime.  The lyrics are poignant and it really shows what a loss David McComb is to music.

JP Shilo has the closest voice to David McComb and when I heard Lucky For Some from the Lost Songs album a few weeks ago I thought it was an unreleased track from David.  JP sings with an incredible passion and some highlights were Don’t Call Yourself an Angel and Unmade Love. Another great song sung by JP, This Whole World’s About to Slide could have been written today about the threat of the Coronavirus.

The other vocalist we had tonight was Clare Moore who sang Second Nature from the album as well as getting up from her drums to do an absolutely beautiful version of Raining Pleasure from The Triffids. Clare only knew she was going to sing these songs the day before as Angie Hart from Frente was a late withdrawal due to a family emergency.

Adelaide was lucky to be the first to experience this wonderful concert and soon it will be performed in all the other major cities in Australia and as someone once said: “Do yourselves a favour” and go see it. You will not be disappointed!

Fringe Review By Richard De Pizzol

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