Lucy Spraggan

With five albums under her belt including the 2019 Today Was a Good Day Lucy Spraggan is that rarest of things – a genuine singer-songwriter to emerge from the TV talent show scene. She was a favourite on the UK X Factor in 2012 just after she released her first record Top Room at the Zoo and has managed to build her fan base far and wide including Australia. Ahead of some tour dates in September Lucy answers some questions for Hi Fi Way.

It must be very exciting for you heading to Australia for your first tour here?
It’s really exciting! I have never been to Australia so to be visiting for the first time because my music has taken me out there is such a privilege. I cannot actually wait!

Is it a case of dipping the toe in and see how it goes and maybe return for a much bigger tour?
Yes, that’s exactly it. It’s scary to go to a new territory and you never really know what you’re gonna get, but the response has been incredible.

With the upward trajectory of your career does being on UK X Factor in 2012 seem like a blur in the rear-view mirror?
Oh yeah. It was so long ago. It’s 2020 already, it seems like such a distant memory but I’m still really thankful for the opportunities that arose after it. There’s been a lot of hard work since then.

With five albums to your credit how do you think your sound has evolved?
I think with each new album there’s a maturity, whether that’s sonically or lyrically. I guess it’s more poppy now, but album number six has a very different feel to it.

Were you thrilled with how Today Was A Good Day was received?
It went down so well! It was probably the album i was the most daunted to put out. There were a lot of ‘fun’ songs on there and it was very happy-go-lucky, whereas a lot of my songs have been more serious. I was very surprised at the reaction, put it that way!

Are you working on new music?
Yes, album number six is very much underway. I have ten songs so only a few more to go. I’ve been leaking some via Instagram stories.

Who is the biggest musical influence on your career?
Probably Kirsty Maccoll. She was a genius. It’s sad that she’s not around – she had a lot more to give.

Really dig the cover of The Proclaimers I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – what’s the story behind deciding to cover that one?
It’s just an amazing love song. We danced around the house to that as children and I love the song. I was listening to it and thought ‘this would sound great as a piano ballad’ and off to the studio I went!

Is the Australian tour dates focused on all five albums?
There’ll be a little bit from everything in there! And maybe some new stuff too. There’ll be a lot of singalong bits.

Is there an Australian experience you’re most looking forward to?
Not getting bitten by any creepy crawlies!!!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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