The Darkness

The Darkness hit The Gov for what will be a night filled with rock awesomeness. The band have delivered three albums in four years with their latest Easter Is Cancelled showcasing the band at their very best with songs such as Rock And Roll Deserves To Die, Heart Explodes and Easter Is Cancelled. Hi Fi Way spoke to Rufus Tiger Taylor about the tour.

It must be exciting to be heading back to Adelaide?
We literally cannot wait! The weather has been awful over here, we always have a really good time in Australia, there’s so much to do. A bit of tennis, a bit of surfing, definitely one of the best places in the world to tour. Australia is right up there, the gigs are great, the crowds are always up for it and always ready to go. On your days off you can go to the beach, play tennis, go for a surf, it is one of the best places in the world.

Do you enjoy playing smaller venues such as The Gov on this tour?
We love it! Hot and sweaty rooms are usually the best gigs.

Was the album Easter Is Cancelled the most challenging one to make with your time in The Darkness?
Definitely, we really took our time with it. We spent a lot more time on the songs rather than just hammering it out and see what we come up with. We sat in Dan’s kitchen and wrote out as many songs as we could on an acoustic guitar and got the arrangement almost finished. Once we were absolutely happy with it then we took it in to the studio and started recording and I think it paid off in the end. It was a much more clinical way of doing it.

Were there any moments of doubt wondering if you would get there?
Well yeah, that comes with the territory. We shit canned about eight songs and they were pretty much totally finished, polished off finished product but when we put them up to the rest of the songs on the album we thought let’s just bin it. It isn’t good enough! It just shows how picky we were with it.

Do you think you will revisit those songs?
I had an idea at the end of the UK tour that we should steal one of the endings to one of those songs and put it in the set. It was such a fun ending and basically just Dan and I being silly having fun at the end of the song with a proper Guns ‘n Roses ending. We did knick the ending and incorporated that in our set and did that on the European tour which went down really well and we’ll be bringing it down under!

With the creative process how did Rock And Roll Deserves To Die start?
It took a while that one! That is one of my favourites on the album. I think it started out from the generic boring rock music out there which all sounds the same, it has all been diluted so much, it has its own genre of shit! We were all a bit pissed off about it. I think lyrically Justin nailed that one as there’s some really great lines in that one. Saying “maybe it deserves to die” if this is what we have, this is what we are listening to, if this is what we are coming up with. With the crazy ending we wanted that song to sound like this is what it can be like, shove this down your pipe!

Three albums in four years is significant, how important has this been in keeping the band fresh and rejuvenated?
It kind of followed a theme in a way that whole album. We got to the end of the album and had come up with everything else apart from the title track. Then Justin goes we don’t have one fast paced song on the album all the way through. He was right, Dan and I nutted it out and had the first ten bars already figured out. It’s really the only biblical one relating to the cover. We had come up with the arrangement in about twenty minutes and I think that’s the best sounding track on the whole thing.

Do you think The Darkness will go down a musical path? Darkness The Musical?
We have spoken about it a lot actually, Dan really wants to do it and is very keen. I think it will be a good thing, maybe after a couple more albums.

Is there talk of another album?
We’re starting to think about writing new songs again, we have toured the hell out of this. The feedback has been really positive so we need to strike while the iron is hot. We’re incredibly proud of this album and I see it as a journey album. An album is meant to take you on a journey not just an album which you think will be full of singles. That doesn’t make any sense to me compared to proper albums. That’s why I’m happy to be in this band as we refuse to do anything like drip feed singles for a year before the album comes out.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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