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Sydney’s all female outfit The Buoys have been making noise around Australia releasing a slew of singles and backing up shows with artists such as JUNGLE, DMA’s, DZ Deathrays and are a band to keep an eye out in 2020. Influenced by anything fuzzy, loud and fast, The Buoys recognisable sweet and savoury sound has developed in the last twelve months, allowing them to truly settle into their sound, paving the way for fiery anthems whilst still making time for those cruisey heart jerking songs. The band answer some questions for Hi Fi Way

There’s a lot of excitement about the band, do you feel like all the hard work is starting to pay off now?
There’s definitely a real hike in energy at the moment that’s for sure. We’re so stoked to be playing more/bigger shows and have been stoked to keep moving forward

For those unfamiliar how would you describe the music of The Buoys?
Lots of distorted guitar and a bit of yo-yo-ing between punk and indie rock.

Interesting name, how did that come about?
It was sort of an accident! My friend called cause he was designing a poster and needed to know our band name. I’d said ‘The Boys’ sort of as a joke because we couldn’t decide what we were called just yet. Then when we saw the poster said They Buoys’ we were like, um yep sick haha guess that’s our name now.

How did The Buoys get together?
There’s been a few lineup changes to get to now. Originally The Buoys came to be from a friend of mine setting me up with complete strangers for a jam and we became The Buoys. Over the last few years I’ve met Tess the new drummer after going on a date with her housemate (lol) and we met Hilary and Courtney through mutual friends.

Which bands/artists have been the biggest influence on your music?
I think the biggest influence for me was moving to the inner west and just going to as many gigs as possible. Whether it’s an energy I wanna capture or a feeling I get, I saw it here and wanna emulate it. It’s never a particular sound per se.

With a number of singles out now are you building towards an album?
We’re releasing our sophomore EP this year! 🙂 so that will have six tracks on it, including Gold and Inside Outside.

Are you pumped to be getting on the road with Spacey Jane?
Beyond words!! We were all sooo excited when we found this one out. It couldn’t come sooner, we’re so stoked.

How was it playing at the Grampians Music Festival?
Grampians was absolutely magical! I don’t think we’ve ever played in a more stunning setting. The wildlife and the landscape is just gob smacking. Not only that, but the staff were the bees knees! Everyone one involved were so lovely.

Do you have a preference whether it is a festival or a more intimate venue?
Festivals are always so fun, but that’s for selfish reasons, since it’s always fun getting to see so many other bands. When it actually comes to playing, an intimate setting is so special.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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