The Quireboys, Palace Of The King @ The Gov, Adelaide 20/2/2020

A full thirty six years after they were first established in London, the kings of bluesy hard rock swagger, The Quireboys finally landed in Adelaide, Australia direct off a long haul flight from Los Angeles. A mid-week show for band who barely scraped the surface of commercial success here in Australia was always going to be a tough ask, hence it was small albeit super-enthusiastic crowd that gathered at The Gov.

Opening the night was Australia’s own Palace of the King who delivered a sharp set of Aussie hard rock that would file comfortably between the likes of the Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin. They retained a sense of Aussie ‘larrikinism’ with ample of banter with the audience that had gathered front of stage. Banter aside, the music was top notch, solid-as-a-rock, bluesy influence hard rock Explaining that it was their first time in Adelaide in eighteen months, I’m sure the reaction they received will ensure it’s not too long until they return again.

The Quireboys not to be confused with Australian band with a similar name The Choirboys got the crowd revved up with front man Spike Gray asking the question “are you ready for some English rock ‘n roll, we don’t need no introduction.” It would have been quite easy to look out at the crowd and see lots of empty spaces to just go through the motions. But no, The Quireboys played as if they were if front of ten thousand fans. At first drop was I Love This Dirty Town followed by Misled. Spike said it was great to finally be in Adelaide before rocking their way through There She Goes Again and Seven Deadly Sins. Mona Lisa Smiled was solid and the crowd got involved on Hello.

Spike dedicated Sinner Serenade to all the hell raisers out there with the worst of them all being The Screaming Jets. There were some tunes from earlier in the back catalogue with This Is Rock ‘n Roll and Man On The Loose to which Spike said you have great strip clubs and casino Adelaide. Familiar tune Hey You was welcomed by the faithful as was Original Black Eyed Son from their 2019 album Amazing Disgrace. The band pulled out a couple of rippers from their first album A Bit Of What You Fancy with Sweet Mary Ann and 7 O’Clock. Spike’s parting message to Adelaide was “keep rock ‘n roll alive, we’re The Quireboys.”

Returning for an encore Spike said it wouldn’t be a Quireboys show without this song and added that it wasn’t a sad song. I Don’t Love You Anymore was played and another great song off their infamous debut. Spike humorously said that he had been in a sex party every night in Adelaide albeit his own before belting their way through Sex Party before calling it a night. Spike did say see you next year, so who knows!

Live Review By Rob Lyon/ Lindsay Bulach

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