Grinspoon, The Superjesus, Sneaky Sound System @ Superloop Adelaide 500, Adelaide 21/2/2020

The after concerts at the Superloop Adelaide 500 are no doubt one of the event highlights when this race comes to town. The beauty of these concerts is that there is something different each night offering a different experience for race goers. The first night features Grinspoon, The Superjesus and Sneaky Sound System with the later being an interesting inclusion for what was considered a “rock” bill. Nevertheless I thought it worked quite well. For what was meant to be a summery night by jingo it was cold.

Sneaky Sound System are primarily these days Connie Mitchell and Angus McDonald. For such a big production I reckon a live band would have been great addition to their sound. This duo have such broad appeal that even if you don’t know the band there’s every chance you would have heard one of their songs somewhere. I Love It was a big moment early and Connie said to the crowd “let’s celebrate the sun going done together”. The war chest was opened with singles Big, Pictures, We Love and UFO standing boldly in their set. The Eurythmics cover Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) was a solid inclusion. Sneaky Sound System did bring a really good vibe to get the night under way.

In short The Superjesus were fantastic! They looked great, sounded great and played a killer set. 2020 is full of promise for our beloved Adelaide band judging by the strength of this turbo charged set. As Sarah McLeod said “in the words of that Poison guy We’re Gonna Have Nothing But A Good Time” and that they did. The set was shortish but covered the depth and breadth of The Superjesus back catalogue well. Opening with Ashes they powered on through Secret Agent Man and Over & Out. The Kylie Minogue cover Confide In Me is somewhat of a set staple these days. There was loud cheers of appreciation for Down Again and Saturation. Their relatively new single The Impossible really does rock and we can only hope that is a sign of what is to come. The Superjesus finished their set on Gravity with a promise to see you soon.

Grinspoon were epic! There is no shadow of a doubt when it comes to the top echelon of top Aussie live acts, Grinspoon are well and truly entrenched in that list. Even though it wasn’t their own show it still felt as if they didn’t compromise on the production values we saw on the Chemical Hearts tour last year. Their set list was full of singles that everyone knew and song. Opening with DCX3 it wasn’t until after Lost Control and Just Ace where front man Phil Jamieson first words “it’s great to be rockin’ the Superloop, good as hell!”

The hits kept a coming with Pedestrian, Hard Act To Follow, No Reason and Better Off Alone. Ready 1 rocked and Sweat As Sugar which Jamieson performed solo was a highlight for me. INXS classic Don’t Change was given a very Grinspoon going over and as the band celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary Jamieson thanked Adelaide for being good to them. Grinspoon brought it on home with Chemical Hearts, Champion and More Than You Are fare-welling punters before returning for another big of racing on Saturday.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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