Sheppard, Pete Murray @ Superloop Adelaide 500, Adelaide 22/2/2020

The sun has set on night two of the after concerts for the Superloop Adelaide 500. Super car fans looked weary after another day out in the sun. The crowd had dropped off a bit in comparison to the previous night which was a real shame as they missed out on two really good performances by Sheppard and Pete Murray with both offering something different to race goers making for an interesting pairing nonetheless.

It was a very low key build up to Pete Murray as he and his band took to the stage with minimal fan fare. Murray’s set got well and truly under way with Only One and Bail Me Out. Jokingly, maybe a bit questionable and cringe worthy, Murray asked race fans if they “haven’t been sniffing too much petrol” before playing Sugar. Pete Murray fans would be pretty happy with the spread put on with all of his albums getting a look in. The crowd took some coaxing to get involved with Murray asking a few times if they were warmed up thinking they lived in the “shy state”.

Better Days was a chance for the crowd to sing-a-long and Murray himself said the chorus is gold changing the lyric to “I’ve seen better days sent to Adelaide”. For me I really dig the guitar groove of Class A whereas the female fans started to swoon when So Beautiful was played. Murray encouraged the crowd to throw up stage the red hats that we given out during the day with the entire band sporting one during Opportunity. There was a Pete Murray treasure trove of hits to finish with Free, Feeler, Tonic and Always A Winner.

The night kicked up a gear with Brisbane pop sensation Sheppard headlining the night. Sheppard have almost become Adelaide 500 specialists now making this the third time they have played here. Keep Me Crazy was a great appetiser followed by what George Sheppard described as an ode to the night in Edge Of The Night complete with streamers being shot out across the crowd making for a great visual spectacle. Let Me Down Easy was good and the body conscious Kiss My Fat Ass followed. Sheppard have some great songs in the armoury with the likes of Hometown and Love Me Now.

There was a real poignant moment in the set with Phoenix being a dedication to those who were impacted by the bushfires around the country not that long ago and all proceeds are going to bushfire relief. Coming Home was really upbeat and the “sneaky peaky” preview of new single Don’t Believe In Love has all the hallmarks of being a winner. The Eurovision tune On My Way was described by George as the song that was never meant to be. George might be the focus in this band but take nothing away from vocals of sister Amy who sounded and looked great up there. It would also be negligent to forget the bass prowess of the second sister Emma. Single Die Young was really good but the song everyone was waiting for was night closer Geronimo which sent race goers home pretty happy I’d say.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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