That’s The Drink Talking @ Corona Theatre, Adelaide 15/2/2020

As a nation we all love a good drink. We can’t seem to escape it: it’s at every birthday, wedding, casual BBQ, sports final, Granddad’s funeral or work social club function. So why not take a deep dive and actually learn about the methods of brewing, distilling and ageing processes of the fine liquids we consume, and have a laugh along the way. Some would say unnecessary, but I say: you have my attention, go on…

That’s the Drink Talking is the beautiful creation by comedians Harley Breen (Taboo) and David Quirk (Rosehaven, Please Like Me). It’s a serial podcast recorded – usually – at the Espy Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne. But these crazy kids have decided to take it on the road for a Fringe 2020 one night only podcast recording.

The show opened with a live rendition of its theme song performed by Steven Gates (Tripod), who stuck around throughout the show for additional comments and to occasionally steer things back on track.
The audience was then treated to a cellar door style chat with Ben Tanzer of Fox Creek Wines, occasionally calling up members of the crowd for their thoughts on the wines on offer. Then there were the guest appearances, or “bar flies” as they are affectionately called.

Heath Franklin’s Chopper, Steph Tisdell and Tommy Little were on hand to regale the listeners of their tales of triumphant and at times questionable moments while bending the arm. All of this was wrapped up in quite a fitting way, with Breen and Quirk shot-gunning a Coopers Sparkling Ale. It is, after all, a podcast about drinking and the antics that can go with it.

Hilariously funny, occasionally cringe worthy and all too relatable, That’s The Drink Talking is definitely a podcast to check out. As Breen and Quirk say, “it’s the podcast you’ll be trying to remember in the morning”.

Fringe Review By Sarah Bulach

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