Shit- Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet @ Gluttony, Adelaide 15/2/2020

Hilarious mayhem ensued right from the first minute into this year’s Shit-Faced Shakespeare’s Hamlet comedic theatre performance. The narrator and night’s mediator introduced himself and assigned a few audience members various instruments to use if they think the inebriated actor should have another cider, as well as handing an unfortunate front row audience member a “vom-box” just in case our drunk actress couldn’t hold it in.

This cast hail from the United Kingdom and to remind us of that last night, the drunken actress playing Queen Gertrude threw in “I’m still so bloody jet-lagged.”, before forgetting her lines, knocking over a prop onto another actor and crawling off the stage. Absolutely shit-faced, the Queen sipped another cider, spilt it all over the elaborate staging and set and then bought a giant-handed dummy on stage, stumbling as she held what was meant to be a murdered Ophelia. Getting into the night’s hectic atmosphere, quite a few beer-wielding audience members boisterously joined in laughing through the performance. A guy was even pulled onto stage to play Polonius!

This fringe act is a fun blend of the most serious plots with alcohol induced talented comedians/actors. It is an interesting concept and genius idea to get people into complex Shakespearean stories and the old English language all mixed in with some modern slang and cider.

Ironically, Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy ended up being a light-hearted, interactive, popular culture and contemporary mock-up of this sad story. This perplexing experience honestly felt like you had entered another realm, leaving confused in the funniest way and unable to get the Queen’s announcement that she’s “Britney bitch” out of your head!

Fringe Review By Zara Zampaglione

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