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Bakers Eddy return with new single On My Own, a no-holds-barred youth anthem that celebrates the unabashed joy of embracing your inner-introvert in an otherwise crowded world. Recorded in their home town of Melbourne and mixed by Grammy Award nominated producer Doug Boehm (Girls, Twin Peaks, Tokyo Police Club) On My Own is, in the words of front man Ciarann Babbington, a “celebration of laziness”. Lead singer Ciarann Babbington speaks to Hi Fi Way about their plans over the summer.

Are Bakers Eddy trying to find a way to come back to Adelaide this year?
One hundred percent, we’re working on a really big tour now. Definitely heading over.

Must have been a huge buzz with all the touring you’ve done and to finish the year off at New Year’s On The Hill?
We’re pumped up, we spent a bit of time going through the wardrobe to find the right outfit because that is really important, maybe we’ll see if we have enough money to buy some sick suits. Spending New Year’s on a hill somewhere partying with friends was great.

What’s the go for suits these days?
I’m feeling something a bit obnoxious if the pocket allows it. Obnoxious is definitely the way we want to go but in general I think.

What highlights stand out most from 2019?
I’m trying to think what happened in 2019! It has been a funny ‘ole year, felt like a bit of a slog. Doing lots of these east coast tours has been awesome for us. Getting to know these cities and building a fan base has been cool for us to see because it is all still pretty new especially the touring side of things for us. That has been super exciting and recording the EP has been a big highlight for us and that will be out this year. It is all really exciting!

Are you looking to another EP or an album after that?
It’s still early days and I think I can speak for the others in that our heads are in album territory. I feel like that is the number one goal for any band to put out a solid twelve track piece of work. All the boys are doing a bunch of writing to get a solid amount of songs together before jumping in to the studio to record an album this year.

Is 2020 mostly about international touring or are you looking to consolidate here?
It is always on the cards but nothing is set in stone yet. We’re looking to get over to the States this year but like I say we don’t have anything set in stone just yet.

Do you think a debut EP is a tough assignment trying to come up with something that makes a statement and best represents the band?
I think when it comes to writing songs we definitely want to make a point about this is who we are and this is the kind of music we want to put out. It is definitely something that I’m thinking about in making sure everything is cohesive and that the message is clear because for a lot of people it will be the introduction to our band. it is super important to make sure that who you are comes across pretty clearly. It is really exciting to work out what our message is, what things we believe in and what we want people to know about us.

Do you enjoy being in the studio?
We’re all for it! We love being in the studio and I think we work really well together as a band. Just as important with outside members whether they are having creative input or producing, we like collaboration and we’re not afraid to tell each other the idea is shit because we have known each other for basically our entire life. We’re always totally honest with each other, it might hurt straight off the bat but we get over ourselves pretty quickly.

You must be pretty happy with how On My Own has gone?
Yeah! That one has been cool, it came about when we were in Denmark in 2018 on a little tour there. We managed to set aside a week in Denmark to do a bunch of writing. It had been in the back of our minds for a long time . I really love that song and that time in Denmark was pretty loose. Lot’s of drinking lots of two dollar wine out of milk cartons.

What’s the plan over summer?
We don’t get a chance to slow down. I don’t think at any point over the last twelve months we’ve ever gone ‘hey we’ve got some free time”. There’s no rest for the wicked, you have to just keep going and grinding away. This summer period is going to be awesome for us, there’s loads of festivals to play, we’re not complaining about it. We’d rather be busy than sitting on our arses doing nothing, it’s all good.

Those private helicopters and limos don’t pay for themselves!
Exactly! Exactly! That’s all on our rider!

Any bizarre requests?
We’re all really humble guys, all we’re asking for is a helicopter to drop us off at every festival! No green M&M’s but we do like the blue ones, it’s all about the blue ones.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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