The M.O.A.

Marbles is the impressive follow up single from Melbourne via Birmingham indie outfit The M.O.A. is out now. Hot off the back of their debut single Mind At Large released in August with a flurry of activity, The M.O.A now deliver Marbles the next salvo from their upcoming debut LP to be released in 2020. Daz Houghton drops by to answer some questions ahead of their appearance at NYE On The Hill.

It must be an exciting time with two great singles out and all things leading to an album release early next year?
It has been a really exciting year with singles, gigs festivals and recording.
I personally played my first ever live gig this year! Its been mad. We’ve made some good friends and contacts and looking forward to getting the album out.

What’s the story behind Mind At Large?
I wrote the bulk of the lyrics to Mind At Large over a decade ago.
It’s about being in a rut and a destructive cycle. Frustration and the need to escape.

I brought this into a session in Melbourne with Rossi, Donovan and AJ where mind at large and The M.O.A came to life. Rossi and I had a bunch of ideas we were throwing around and the band brought it all together. Conrad has since joined on Drums and he’s shit hot!

Were you always intending to lob in to Melbourne from Birmingham?
It was always a possibility if things started taking shape and with me being the only member outside of Australia. I’ve made a good few trips out this year with things ramping up, it’s needed a bit of a push.

How would you describe The M.O.A. sound?
I’d like to say it’s an emotive and honest indie electronic sound based on the singles but there are tracks to come that have other styles… punk, jungle, even acoustic so it’s a bit of a mix.

Is the plan to be able to leave your “tradie” day jobs and do this full time?
The plan is keep the momentum going on writing, recording and playing gigs, it would be great be full time on music but it’s great to be doing music full stop.

How is work going on the album?
The album is going well with plans to be released in the new year. We are currently working out which tracks will be going on it.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Late 80s/90s UK rave scene on wards, The Prodigy, Tricky, The Streets, Roots Manuva, Mark Kozalek off the top of my head.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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