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Parisian punk-pop-outfit Nouvelle Vague return to Adelaide Festival Centre with their unique blend of dreamy French noir cool for their fifteenth anniversary tour. It was in 2004, at the height of the French Touch, that the Parisian collective, led by Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux, released its first album, taking its original concept worldwide: New Wave = Wave Bossa Nova = Nouvelle Vague.

In just a few months, Nouvelle Vague deconstructed the notion of “the cover band” and, supported by some of the most prestigious labels (Peacefrog, Luaka Bop, Rough Trade, Pias), delighted an audience that almost forgot the original versions. With five studio albums and extensive global tours under its belt, Nouvelle Vague now celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with an Australian national tour as part of the So Frenchy So Chic series. Melodic and sensuous, don’t miss out on this captivating class act for one show only in Adelaide. Olivier Libaux answers some questions for Hi Fi Way about their anniversary tour.

What are Adelaide fans in for when you play here in January?
Our new show! It is very different to the one we played in Adelaide two years ago, it’s more acoustic, with a different atmosphere, a different set list too. We really love this new show, and after playing it throughout 2019, I must say that our audience loves it too.

This tour coincides with Nouvelle Vague’s fifteenth anniversary, can you believe that it has been fifteen years?
When we realised that we had already run for fifteen years, we were shocked. Time has flown by so quickly! That also means that everyone in the band is now fifteen years older, which is a bit strange. But the passion has always remained and we are probably now playing our best concerts

What have been some of the biggest highlights over the fifteen years you are most proud of?
Probably to be able to play in many many countries, including Australia!
That is amazing. For me, some of the some concerts that have made me proud include playing The Royal Albert Hall in London and The Hollywood Bowl in LA. It is very special when you have the chance to play some venues that have been played before by our heroes.

Are there any other special celebrations to commemorate the milestone?
Not really, this world tour is probably the best way to commemorate the milestone. We’ve never stopped touring during these fifteen years (Nouvelle Vague is essentially a never ending tour. The tour we are on now is great and we are really happy to be able to keep playing.

Are there plans for more new music in 2020?
Not yet, nothing has been really discussed. As usual, everyone in the
band has solo projects, so we never know when we will reunite, bring some
new ideas to the table and put together a new Nouvelle Vague record.

What do you think makes a good cover song?
A good cover song is one that brings something unexpected to the
original version. Like a completely different reading, or interpretation.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Nouvelle Vague play at the Dunstan Playhouse on Friday 10 January. Tickets at BASS.

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