The Quireboys

Lovers of fine rock are in for a rare treat when renowned UK band QUIREBOYS tours Australia for the very first time. Quireboys will hit the road with special guests Palace Of The King for four exclusive shows. Hi Fi Way spoke to guitarist Guy Griffin about their upcoming Australian tour.

It is exciting that The Quireboys are finally coming to Australia for their first tour?
You know what, the whole thing is a really fucking exciting thing for us because it always has been talked about over the years that we’re going to Australia and it never happens. It is a big thing for us just because it is to unknown to us. We’ve had loads of Australian bands play, great Australian bands play with us over the years such as Screaming Jets, Black Aces, Doomfoxx with Mick Cocks from Rose Tattoo and all these bands have been influences on us. Even AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Jimmy Barnes are influences on us and it is really exciting for us without blowing smoke up anyone’s arse we’re really excited to be coming to Australia.

Exploring new territory at this stage of your career must be a huge buzz as well?
Yeah, I think every stage of your life is exciting. I think you have to keep doing new things. From Australia will go right to America to do five weeks which we haven’t done in six or seven years. That’s the thing for me which keeps the band fresh because you’re playing to people that might not have seen you before. Obviously in Australia lots of people haven’t seen us before but a lot of places we play in America they might not have seen us before either. That’s what excites me, I don’t want to do the same old shit everyday or every year.

What do put the resurgence down to? People seem to be gravitating back to all the bands that are actually good…
Hopefully that is what it is, who knows what it is! There isn’t many real bands out there, is there? There are lots of younger bands that are giving it their all, going out and doing it, there’s a few bigger bands that used to be real but aren’t any more. Nobody knows what to cling on to anymore. We’re a real band, a real thing, we’re a real rock ‘n roll band. No one knows what’s real or not real anymore, you can go see a band and ask is that real? Is that the real sound coming out? There’s lots of heavy rock bands where you think where is that sound coming from. The Quireboys is the real sound and that said it’s how it sounds.

How do you make up for lost time and cram four decades of material in to the set list in Australia?
We’re just going to do our rock ‘n roll set, all the songs anyone wants to hear will be in the set. We’re never not going to do the hits!

Are there plans to make the back catalogue available in Australia?
Oh yeah, we’ll definitely be bringing a few bits and pieces along with us. We might be doing a real exclusive vinyl thing just for Australia as well. There is something in the works, something like a seven inch single that you’ll only be able to get in Australia. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be able to say that but anyway I’ve said it.

Is it all work while on tour or do you get a few days off to get in to tourist mode? Or is it airport, hotel, sound check, gig, hotel and repeat the next day?
Exactly what you just said, we might be able to get a couple of days off in Brisbane at the end because what we’re doing is going straight from America to Australia, do the shows, fly back to America for the start of the tour. We’re not going to see that much of it but we’ll make the most of it.

How important is it for the band to keep being creative? Amazing Disgrace is a great album…
If you are a huge band you can rest on your laurels and just play the hits forever, and that is fine. We’ve got a couple of hits but I’m a musician and I love to play music and I want to write songs, so why not? They’re never going to be the biggest albums in the world like they were back in the day but it is for ourselves and we need to move on as musicians and song writers. We have a fan base that still like to hear some of those songs.

Have you thought about album number thirteen?
I hadn’t until you asked me about it!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch The Quireboys in Australia on the following dates…

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