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The Goldhearts have a new EP after a few years hiatus, produced by Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone, Pete Murray) Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold is a forward step for a modern Indie sound balanced with 90s grunge vibes. Described as “swirling in a hurricane of overdriven guitars and thunderous drums” the new EP represents the heart of the band.

Drummer Clare Harris chatted to the Hi-Fi Way about the new EP and why it took so long to get back to recording new music.

You’ve released your new EP Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold. How do feel now that it’s out?
Pretty good!  We’ve worked on it for, I don’t know, I feel like it was about a year on and off just after work or on weekends or whenever we could all get together. So, we jammed on a few songs and then really kind of wrote them while we were recording them properly in the studio which was such a fun experience. Now that it’s all out we’re like “Oh, it’s done! I guess we better tour and promote it!” (laughs) So yeah, it’s been really good.

Can you describe the creative process for this album? How were the songs created?
Margy is our lead singer, she plays guitar and writes all the songs and then brings them to us at practice or wherever we are and we sort of jam on them and they become these different beasts to what she had in her mind and now they’re recorded so that’s pretty cool!

It’s been a few years since the last record. Why has it been so long between records?
Basically we all have busy working lives. We all work full-time, I’m in Retail Management so I work my butt off and the others are in like Government type jobs, important jobs which is kind of draining. I sort of stepped out of the band a bit and we took a bit of a hiatus. The band didn’t break up. They kept writing songs and jamming and playing the album that we had released. Then I think that hiatus wore off and we all got together and said “Are we doing this?” and then said “Yeah ok!” We then got straight back into it and that was early last year. We’ve been really busy with it ever since. I think we just needed that break to go “Are we doing this?”

Did you find you were more creative after the break?
One hundred percent more! Yeah! We came back really strong and really into it. I don’t know its really strange. I’ve been in bands before where we’ve taken a break and never kicked back in but this break, it’s like we needed it. We needed it to sort out our working life and go “How are we going to fit this awesome band life into our busy working life?” But we’re managing to do it so it feels good.

So, you’ve done a new video for Road to Roam, what’s the video all about?
The song itself is a bit of a journey song. Road to Roam is like saying if you haven’t found your way yet just start going and you’ll build the way and once you get there its just gonna be great. It’s gonna be ok, keep going. It’s kind of like a theme that we’re going with which is why we called the EP Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Bold because its sort of about going ”Ok, if you’re going to commit to doing something then you’re going to have to make yourself feel better about it and you gotta keep going!”

That’s what the song is kind of about and then we made the film clip out of all the footage from making the EP in the studio. It starts off with us all with the live footage in the studio and then as the film clip progresses, we’ve mixed in live footage from all the shows from the dawn of time. Then towards the end there’s a surprise ending where we go on a bit of a hike through the bush and end up playing our single Headland in funny costumes. Which was fun

What was your involvement with the video?
I came up with the concept together with the band because I had just made the Stars film clip and I came up with the concept for that, directed and produced that as well. So, then we’re like “Oh we could do another film clip!” So, we just thought to mash up all the footage we got and we had all this footage and then came up with the whole hiking/bush thing. It just really all fell into place like it does for us! It’s a journey. It starts off in the studio and then in live concert and then ends up in bush.

You’re touring the eastern states; Brisbane, God Coast and Sydney. Are you looking forward to the live gigs
Yeah, we are! Because we’ve released singles in the last year or so but we haven’t had a big launch party since the album came out all those years ago so we’re pretty excited to get back in to that. And going back to Brisbane, we’re all from Brisbane originally so its kind of like a return to the roots which is exciting.

One of your singles is Stars. Tell us what that song is about?
Stars is again like we say in the song “Its gonna be alright now, it’s gotta be right now.” It’s a bit of a love song saying “seize the moment” like if you want to get it done “let’s do it now”. You know?

Is this like because you’re getting older it’s like “hurry up”?
(laughs) It could be! (laughs) It might be!  We don’t have time to stuff around with all that getting to know you (laughs). No, it’s a cute little special moment, it’s not a soppy love song so to speak.

No, I didn’t find it soppy.
No its not. Nothing we do is soppy (laughs). It’s always just fun. Its like the stars are aligned and let’s do it right now is basically the message in the song. “Let’s go! Let’s do this!”

Your other song Be Brave is a pretty catchy tune. What’s the story behind that song? 
Be Brave is an advice song. Obviously, Margy writes all these songs they’re from her heart and they’ve all got special meanings to her but what we as a band portray from this song is a message of encouragement to “pull yourself together, be brave and continue with whatever is trying to hold you back.” It can apply to just sit out anything that anyone is dealing with and we’re all really close to the song as well. I love it! When she first played it to me, I just said “you’ve gotta do something with this song. It’s so good.” The message is just so strong because everybody is dealing with something. Yeah that song is really for everyone. You never know what somebody’s dealing with that they haven’t told you about.

Yeah that’s so profound. Its funny that song stood out to me.
Oh that’s so lovely. I think it’s just that powerful message and the music in it as well gives you that kind of like “oh that’s so touching.” I got the chills when I first heard Margy singing it. There’s something about it. I don’t know what it is but its touching and everyone here listens really hard to it. Not even to the words but anyone that listens to the music gets that same feeling. I don’t know, it’s the combination, the chords she’s used, the words she’s used and they way it all came together in the recording, its very powerful.

We entered it in the Listen Up Music Songwriting prize earlier this year and we actually got to the semi-finals with it. The theme of the prize was songs that heal so we entered Be Brave because its about pulling yourself together and getting through something. Being brave and finding a way of dealing with it and making the situation work for you. The organisers loved it and we got through from thousands of entries and our song got chosen to be one of the top thirteen in Queensland. We got to play it live at the Songwriting Prize night with all the other amazing artists. We didn’t get through to the final but we were so stoked to get to the semi-finals out of everybody that had submitted songs so that was an achievement.

Govinda Doyle produced your EP. What was it like to work with him?
Amazing! We all get along with him so well. He has such good positive energy and great ideas. Like a song that’s written but we’ve barely played it because we’ve just come up with it and it just grows in the studio with him. Yeah, he’s brilliant.

So, you’re obviously happy with the whole result of the EP?
Yeah! We are. Margy and myself spent a good solid week in there recording the last three songs on it. Everyone comes in and pays their part and then we spent another few nights just a couple of months ago just finishing it off before the mixing was done. We were adding, changing, going “No we don’t like the words we’d put in there” and we’d go and change everything and he’d let us do stuff like that after we’d recorded everything. So, it was really really good to work with him.

What’s next for The Goldhearts? Will you continue to do new music? Is there an album in the works?
Yeah, I think we’re going to head into the jam room and write a bunch of new songs probably another five we’re hoping to get done. And then hopefully another EP next year and perhaps maybe put something out on vinyl. That’s our next goal is to put something out on vinyl. And definitely tour some cities we haven’t played before.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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