The McClymonts

They’re Australia’s most loved country group, The McClymonts and they’ve just announced their One Acoustic Night Tour. They will sing all their classic hits and some new songs all in acoustic versions. Brooke McClymont had a chat to the Hi Fi Way about what audiences can expect on the tour.

The McClymonts are heading back on the road with the One Acoustic Night tour. It’s not the first time you’ve done an acoustic tour. What do you enjoy most about performing acoustically?
I love that we get to hear the songs as were when we first recorded them. Not just recorded the but when we actually started to write them with an acoustic guitar, just us three girls with our vocals. Its actually really special. We are absolutely loving it.

Do you find singing acoustic versions of your songs intimate and a more emotive experience
Its is! Yes 100%. Its more scary too because you’re exposed. You can’t really make a mistake and you can’t hide behind the band (laughs). We’re actually loving it. It’s making sure that the harmonies are all spot on and correct. Its making us work for it (laughs) but you know it’s been really enjoyable. It’s very enjoyable and it changes it up for us.

Do you enjoy the challenge?
I love it! I really do and we’ve got great people behind us on acoustic guitar and keys as well as us girls playing our instruments. So, it’s still actually quite a full sound but it’s just beautiful. We’ve got great sound guys that make us sound like angels.

What song is your favourite to perform acoustically?
You know what? Its hard. It all depends. I really enjoy the whole set. I’m really loving this year set and this tour every song tells a story. We song songs that are about us like things we’ve been going through or things happening in our lives so it’s nice to reminisce and go back to sings those songs we wrote years ago and to perform them. Then I think “I remember this and what we were going through when we wrote this song.” Its kind of like walking down memory lane a bit and listening to all the songs. It’s really awesome.

What can audiences expect on this tour
You have us three girls playing and hearing our harmonies. You will hear our stories and we tell the stories of what we’ve been up to and how the song was written. We’ve got a couple of new ones we are throwing in because we are currently in the process of recording our brand new album so we thought we would showcase a few new ones. Which will be good and the people are really responding to them already. It’s a whole range of things. You get to hear the old classics as well as the new ones and hear what’s been going on in our lives.

So, a little bit of chatting as well will there?
Oh there’s always chatting (laughs). I can’t help myself (laughs).

Blake O’Connor is touring you with you.  He’s the Toyota Star Maker winner which I think Sam was also a winner back in the day.
Yeah, she won that back in 2005. We’ve always tried to support the Toyota Starmaker winner. And that was part of the prize to come on the road with us. He is just absolutely brilliant. So yeah you gotta get along and see him before our show. He is just wowing crowds everywhere he’s going!

How important is it to support new artists?
You got to! You got to keep our industry alive. You have got to support the good ones or we wont have an industry. Its really important and Blake O’Connor is one that I think will be just as big as say Lee Kernaghan or Keith Urban. He’s just absolutely amazing.

You ladies seem like you are always having a great time. Does it help that you are family and does that make it easier when you go on tour?
It does make it easier. It’s so much better with the girls. We love it. We’ve got company and that’s why we love doing what we do. We get to share with each other the experience and we’ve always got each other. So yeah, I wouldn’t change that job for the world.

You mentioned that you’re working on a new album. When’s that due out?
That’s due out in May next year. We are just recording at the moment as we speak so we are really pumped for that. It’s going be amazing.

Its been a while since you’ve released new material.
I think it was 2017 or early 2018 I can’t remember. So, you’re right it has been a while. Anyway, we are long due, we keep having babies (laughs). We are just at that point of our lives that’s what we are doing! But we are lucky we get to do both to be mums and have a career. So yeah, we are very very lucky.

Do you find it hard to juggle sometimes?
Yes. Very hard to juggle but its been organised and thank God the three of us girls are organised. We have an amazing manager who keeps things rolling.

And you’ve got each other to lean on as well.
Yes! We do which is fabulous.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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