Hatchie, Bad//Dreems DJs, Gauci @ Jive, Adelaide 20/10/2019

Before Hatchie took the stage, the crowd were warmed up with the cool pop/ electro dance beats from Sydney band Gauci. Playing current songs Paradise, Taking Over and their current hit In The Night. Continuing with the dance beats was Bad//Dreems DJs before Hatchie graced us with her presence.

Hatchie started her set off with the mellow tones of Try and the title song off her EP Sugar and Spice before getting stuck into new songs off the latest album Keepsake. Keep got our feet shuffling and she admitted that during the song she had to hold back from sneezing. None of us noticed which goes to show how smooth and slick she is at playing live!

Hatchie had all the cool indie vibes, swaying and rocking the bass as she sang each song. Her band were just as cool and their whole stage presence was one of good fun.

While Her Own Heart and Kiss the Stars brought us back to a nostalgic mood Sleep was a crowd favourite with a heavier drum beat and edgier sound live than what you hear on the recorded version.  Keeping with the rockier edge another song of the latest album, Unwanted Guest with its sexy punchy rock beat had the crowd cheering of approval. The atmosphere went to another level with the crowd approving the rockier upbeat songs.

Hatchie wanted to “tell us a secret” with the next song Secret. The infectious chorus line of “Baby, can you keep a secret, a secret?” had you humming long after the song finished. Nearing the end of her set the last few songs really pumped everyone up and it changed the vibe in the room.

The song Obsessed we were told was about making and celebrating friends was another crowd pleaser with the dance moves taken up a notch. The loudest cheers and best responses were for the last three songs. The thumping sexy drum beats of Without a Blush left the crowd blushing with Hatchie’s vocals really shining on this song. The latest single Stay With Me also sent everyone into a frenzy and got the loudest response of the night.

Last song of the night Sure pleased the crowd. Hatchie has a calming, cool authenticity about her that lingers with you long after you’ve seen the show. As the lyrics of Sure say “So you wanna do it over, But is it ever really over?” Hopefully she comes back to Adelaide soon we can all “do it over.”

Live Review by Anastasia Lambis

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