Northlane, Counterparts, Silent Planet,Void Of Vision @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 19/10/2019

Northlane have been selling out shows around the globe recently while supporting their stunning new album Alien. Tonight the Adelaide show is the hottest ticket in town as the Sydneysiders brought with them a stellar line up, an impressive light show and an intense live performance all for your pleasure.

Setting the mood for the evening was Void Of Vision who make a huge amount of enjoyable dark noise for a four piece. From the mentally insane drumming of George Murphy right through to vocalist Jack Bergin – who implores everyone to jump, mosh, dance, and at one point admonishes the crowd for stopping a circle pit – this is anarchy. There are more breakdowns to be seen than an AA mechanics convention. Australia has some great metal bands at the moment and these guys are right in the pocket.

Americans Silent Planet are more on a cerebral plain as their music is smoothly atmospheric. The build up of dynamics from soft melodies to face bleeding metal is led by vocalist Garrett Russell, whose way with words and connection with the crowd, harks back to a time Jim Morrison would captivate an audience.

Counterparts are a roller coaster of a band who have so many time changes in a song you can be left breathless. Appearing naturally understated on stage they tear through a set list that goes through their entire career as new songs like Wings Of Nightmares and Separate Wounds get an airing to a joyous crowd. They are a tight, cohesive emotionally driven unit as songs such as Witness and Disconnect raise the roof on an already sweat soaked crowd leaving them exhausted and stunned.

The venue still has enough in the tank and erupts for Northlane. The place is rocking from side to side and there isn’t much room to do much but start climbing on top of people. Talking Heads and Intuition start the show while Jinn sounds just as impressive live as the studio recording does.

While there may have been a false start with 4D, Northlane are so in the zone that they brush that aside and roast the faces off everyone with the power of their performance. It’s slows a little at the beginning of Freefall before people are sitting on shoulders, taking their shirts off singing back at the band.

Finishing the evening with a raucous Quantum Flex, which almost had Marcus Bridge’s vocals drowned out by the audience, Northlane have showed why they are arguably Australia’s hottest property right now. There was reason this ticket was the hottest in town and Northlane is that reason.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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