Regurgitator, Shonen Knife, The Fauves @ The Gov, Adelaide 19/10/2019

Congratulations to Regurgitator for reaching their twenty-fifth anniversary. They are considered to be staples of the live music scene after successfully navigating the highs, the lows and the inbetweens in what is considered to be a tough business.

This tour, Quarter Pounder 25 Years Of Being Consumed, was an absolute ripper. Not only was Regurgitator on the bill but sugar punk power popsters Shonen Knife and indie rock stalwarts The Fauves were as well which had all the hallmarks for an entertaining evening.

Ah yes The Fauves were fantastic openers. Trademark whit got plenty of laughs. Andrew “Coxy” Cox tried to convince the crowd and thanked Regurgitator for supporting them, who were allegedly on earlier in the day at 3.45pm. The real tragedy was that their set was far to short so we can only hope they return soon. Their set opened with Don’t Say When off Japanese Engines followed by First Day On The Run off the awesome album Thousand Yard Stare. It was great to hear Gone South off their double album Driveway Heart Attack to which Coxy said they had sold no copies in Adelaide, a couple in Mt Gambier and one in Bordertown though. They did dart back to familiar territory with Don’t Get Death Threats Anymore, Medium Pacer, the uber cool Dogs Are The Best People and finishing on Everybody’s Getting A Three Piece Together.

Shonen Knife were fantastic! It’s hard not to have a soft spot for this trio as they played their hearts out. Their tunes are catchy as all hell and if you hadn’t heard of Shonen Knife before the show there’s no doubt you would be converted as a fan. Shonen Knife are also celebrating the release of their nineteenth album Sweet Candy Power. There was a healthy serving from it including the likes of Party, Dizzy, My Independent Country and the big hit Sweet Candy Power.

This was unlike any Regurgitator show that has come before this one. The production was top shelf right from the video projections, lights to the many costume changes throughout their set. The lights went dark to which a video opener hosted by Dylan Lewis was shown stating “Tonight’s The Night!” and the big catch phrase “come on down!” Can they still do it? Putting the hip in hip replacement. It was a big cheer as The Gurge powered through Track 1. Even Quan admitted that there was a lot of heart poured in to their set early as it was a real barnstorming of energy and intensity going hard on I Like It Like That, I Sucked A Lot Of Cock To Get Where I Am and FSO. Blubber Boy was a beauty and Quan said he felt unlucky as a child saying he turned to the fortune cookie which inspired Kung Fu Sing.

Another intermission clip “mixing the horniness of rock with metal” then the band returned in parachute tracksuits. This was a really cool block of songs with Fuck The Goddamn World, Bong In My Eye, I Will Lick Your Arsehole and Fat Cop.

On screen it was Uncle Timmy’s Party Palace (aka Tim Rogers)… hilarious! Upping the costumes again in silver sequins taking fans back to the Unit era with Quan suggesting they had shoulder pad envy. This part of the set really clicked with highlights being I Like Your New Stuff Better Than Your Old Stuff and Everyday Formula. Polyester Girl was an obvious crowd pleaser and I wish they went on with the Sweet Child O’Mine tease during Black Bugs. The band really looked like they were having fun and didn’t want it to end finishing with the Prince inspired ! (The Song Formerly Known As) with a 1999 teaser as well.

Returning for an encore and another costume change this time as ballerinas complete with tutus. Yeah! Believe it or not! Distraction, Roxx For Brains and I Wanna Be A Nudist was the icing on cake for what was a top show. Here’s to another twenty five years!

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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