A Techno Circus By SIRO @ Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide 19/10/2019

The first thing that needs to be said about SIRO – A Techno Circus is that it is a lot of fun. These four talented performers thoroughly enjoy themselves on stage and had the audience, especially the very young, clapping along, “making some noise,” and often in convulsions of laughter. Techno Circus is all about the sheer joy of theatre – they interact with the audience before the show, constantly during the show and then run to the foyer after the show to take selfies with the audience.

And this is part of the secret to their success – unbridled enthusiasm. They bridge traditional theatrical conventions with state-of-the-art technologies in the most satisfying way, that leaves you wanting to know how they performed the tricks, without destroying the magic. Techno Circus blend slapstick and pantomime with cutting edge projection mapping technology while paying homage to Keystone Cops, Warner Brothers Cartoons, Jacques Tati and Georges Melies. They even give a nod to the Australian, now classic, The Umbilical Brothers, in one of their routines.

The common denominator here is the comedy of surprise and super tight comic timing, and Techno Circus have got timing down pat. They have to, because this is a show that is all about timing and interacting with technology. And these are the other heroes of the show – the technicians with their digital wizardry. The wow factor is all in the way the four performers dance, balance, do gymnastics and acrobatics in perfectly synchronised timing with the projections. This show is so clever that you are often second guessing whether you are watching the performer or the projection of the performer.

The fun is that Techno Circus are skilled digital technology technicians, yet treat technology with irreverence, as they take you on a ride to Mario Kart, Tetris, Space Invaders and the world of Arcade Dance Competitions. They poke fun at Japan’s obsession with technology, at the logo driven consumer world, while never taking themselves too seriously at all.

The highlight is the finale and the audience interaction with technology in the most satisfying way that has you amazed at the accessibility and immediacy of cutting-edge technologies. I don’t want to give too much away, except to say that the audience, or an avatar of the audience, is very much a part of the finale.

This is SIRO – A Techno Circus’ first visit to Adelaide after having wowed audiences around the world. I just wish they had a longer season so that more people could see the possibilities when talented performers and technicians using cutting edge technologies come together to create a super-tight show that is so much fun to watch.

OzAsia Review By Bob Becker

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