Deez Nuts “You Got Me F**ked Up”

Is there any other band in Australia that divides opinions like Deez Nutz? The new album You Got Me Fucked Up, the bands sixth opus, will certainly continue that vein however as a latecomer to the band, yet an old school hardcore fan, I’m baffled with this.

With riffs and beats reminiscent of NY Hardcore bands like Biohazard and Agnostic Front, this album hits like a punch to the face. The old school stomping rhythm on opening track Singalong sets the intent with JJ Peters lyrical delivery akin to Evan Seinfeld’s.

In its purest form, hardcore is moshing, gang vocals, spitting venom and having brutal heavy riffs and the title track itself encapsulates that. The brooding energy and impending danger is felt on DTDFL4EVA which will rattle the venues when played. Hell it should annoy your neighbours you’ll want to play it that loud.

Axe To Grind will have the circle pits in a frenzy with its speaker bursting riffs vibrating throughout while You Got To Feel Me is one of the heaviest tracks you’ll hear this year. That’s a skull cracking beat down of a track.

The band isn’t a one trick hardcore pony though as opening single Crooked Smile shows. Yes it has melodies and a catchy chorus. That’s why it’s the single and if you can get your head out of your arse you’ll appreciate that it’s actually pretty bloody good.

Fools Gold could have come straight from the greats of the past as its lyrics snarl at you to reciprocate in kind. Bitterest End meanwhile sounds like a song Body Count have been trying to do for years but failing with a riff that will make you want to smash shit up in a sweat filled frenzy.

JJ Peters and the boys said they were going to try something different, they were going to evolve and they have. These songs fucking rock and the music will be electric when performed live. Deez Nutz are still dangerous, they still have a gang mentality and this album shows them challenging you to step up. Can you do that? Can you get fucked up too?

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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