Alter Bridge “Walk The Sky”

One Life is the opening prelude to yet another timeless masterpiece of combined music and lyrics from Alter Bridge. “A second chance, a path to another reality that is waiting to embrace you and what you have to offer this world. Living with open eyes and discovering a new story line is the essence of starting over”. A short but powerful message.

This is connected to the heavy Wouldn’t You Rather, which kicks in with a brutal riff served to you by Mark Tremonti & backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums . Lyrics that follow on from One Life are layered onto this track and beg an answer to a simple question, how do you care to live your life? Is it easily answered? You tell me!

In the Deep has a cool intro that blasts off then hits orbit as a half time melodic tune, which has classic Myles Kennedy signature harmonies and lyrics that speak volumes. Both Kennedy and Tremonti penned music and lyrics separately on this collaboration. They both landed their ideas in the studio to choose the best songs for this album. Listening to all the songs it is clear that this album is about the paths and journeys that shape lives & guide one towards purpose.

God Speed resonated with me during this review, as the emotional lyrics about loss made it very real and personal. Kennedy writes from the deep recesses of his soul to honour the memory of a good friend who was clearly a salt of the earth human. He is remembered and honoured in every lyric and chord progression.

Moving onto Native Son, the band tells the story of a stranger to a new land. Blending harmonies and music that pave the way to the fact that no matter who you are or where you’re from, you will sooner or later be faced with adversaries and will fight from a place of basic instinct.

While listening to this album, I found myself marvelling about how every song is as strong, if not stronger, that the one before it. They are all connected in one way, shape or form to create a narrative of strength, sorrow and survival. Writing from personal experiences forms the foundation of the compelling storytelling, enhanced by the masterful music composition, which will leave you confident that Walk The Sky is nothing short of Alter Bridge’s best album yet.

Album Review By Peter Pap

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