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So what’s the latest singles in Singles Spin #14? Check out the latest from:

Crocodylus today reveal the energy fuelled video for new single Adrenaline alongside details of their forthcoming EP Enjoy out September 27th via The Chat’s label Bargain Bin Records. The trio will then take their dynamic live show on a nine-date tour across Australia to showcase the release.

After befriending mullet-bearers The Chats on their national ‘Pub Feed’ tour in June the viral punks have chosen to release Enjoy via their own label Bargain Bin Records cementing their reciprocal admiration. The Chat’s lead singer Eamon Sandwith said of the collaboration “We’re very proud to be releasing our good mates Crocodylus’ EP on Bargain Bin this year. These guys did a few shows with us this year across Australia and they quickly became one of our favourite Aussie bands.”

Ash Grunwald releases Ain’t My Problem (feat. The Teskey Brothers), the new single from his forthcoming album Mojo (out Aug 30).

Ash says, “Ain’t My Problem’ is written about the concept that comes up often when we relive old relationships, we literally re-live emotionally everything that we went through. And there is no point, it’s holding you back and it ain’t your problem anymore! It was a conglomeration of stories from friends and personal experiences about moving on. It was such a great honour to have Josh Teskey and The Teskey Brothers play on this track. Josh has one of the greatest voices to ever come out of Australia and I have such respect for the band, I love them both as people and as musicians.”

The Butterfly Effect return! Clint, Kurt, Ben and Glenn have not released new music together for 10 years – since the release of their 2008 album Final Conversation of Kings. Earlier in 2019 – the band gathered in a studio for the first time in many years – and the time in the studio created this new single entitled UnBroken.

Vocalist for TBE, Clint Boge, says that “UnBroken is a snap shot taken from a very dark, difficult and personally tumultuous time in my life. I realised my whole world was falling apart, relationships were breaking down and every thing I’d known was crumbling around me. With seemingly very little to hold onto I found an inner strength and the will to keep going, to keep getting out of bed although every part of me wanted to hide away from the world. This song and these lyrics represent that struggle, to remain unBroken.”

Reside’s year has really taken them to new heights – and today they are releasing their clip for single The Light That I Found!

Guinane said of the track and video – “‘The Light That I Found’ is the concluding track on the EP where the character finally accepts their situation and has found the infinite potential of life again. The light is symbolic of finding the positive within the darkness and can be whatever you want it to be. It could be love, passion, positivity/happiness. The song is essentially about moving on and not only finding peace in your situation but also accepting who you are as a person.”

“Finding the light in darkness was a big concept I wanted to drive home for the whole EP. Figuring out who you are as a person and accepting that maybe you lost sight of who that was when everything went down. I want people to know that things eventually get better no matter how low you might feel at a particular time.”

With their epic betrayal anthem Good Lord fast approaching double platinum certification, Birds of Tokyo finally drop their follow-up track today; The Greatest Mistakes.

‘It’s actually inspired by the same personal experience as the last single’, explains frontman Ian Kenny, ‘but it’s got the perspective of thankfully being a bit further down the road. F**k it. Shake it off. Time to move on!’

Fittingly part of the song’s singalong chorus was actually recorded in a Sydney pub with a bunch of well lubricated fans braying along at the top of their voices and the striking music video sees Kenny… well… trying to turn over a new leaf.

TKAY MAIDZA returns today with a hard hitting new single in AWAKE, once again boasting a guest appearance from international star in the form of Baltimore rapper JPEGMAFIA. The single finds Tkay back to her blistering best, as her and JPEGMAFIA trade verses over a slamming trap beat and synth drones that sound like a nuclear attack alarm system signalling the end of the world.

The single’s frenetic, paranoia-drenched atmosphere has been matched by an equally claustrophobic video featuring Tkay and JPEGMAFIA flirting with spotlights through pitch black city alley ways, like a couple of vampires in the night trying to avoid detection as much as they’re trying to launch a sneak attack as soon they score the opportunity. It was directed by Keenan MacWilliam and Tkay herself.

After introducing their forthcoming album Hyperdaze with a belting first taste last month, Void Of Vision are upping the ante with the reveal of a blistering Slipknot cover. One of Slipknot’s most celebrated songs, Psychosocial, gets the VOV treatment alongside special guest appearances from none other than Marcus Bridge (Northlane), Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer) and Ryan Siew (Polaris).

On recording the cover, Bergin adds: “When we got the offer from Metal Hammer we were at the final stages of finishing our album ‘Hyperdaze’ and the lethargy was kicking in – a small refresher in the form of recording this cover definitely helped bring back the passion and energy to the final process of the record.

Donny Benét is thrilled to release his new single Second Dinner today via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control Records. Premiered by KEXP’s Kevin Coles, Second Dinner was written after a year of frenetic European touring at the infamous Donnyland Studios and produced/engineered by Burke Reid. The track is a hooky, groove-driven, and unashamed ode to the dopamine inducing late night meal.

Once again collaborating with venerated director Alex Smith (‘Konichiwa’) to create another visual masterpiece, the Second Dinner music video premiered today on YouTube. To quote Alex, “I wanted to make a story about a man and a fridge, and their impossible love”.

Sydney’s 5-piece punk rock band, Endless Heights, return with brand new single, Cold Hard Kiss and a string of live shows. Cold Hard Kiss is the follow up to Endless Heights’ 2018 critically acclaimed sophomore release, Vicious Pleasure.

Vocalist, Joel Martorana explains the song, “Cold Hard Kiss is about allowing your thoughts and feelings to come to the surface, even when they stand at odds with each other. The song came from a season in my life where I was crazy in love, yet completely lost and emotionally numb. It’s about confronting the guilt of failing those you love most in the pursuit of finding what you truly want in life.”

Radiant vocalist and songwriter Sannia has today announced not one, but two magnificent new singles; Daylight and Better. The two tracks are reflective of the growth of Sannia’s trademark intricate, emotive songwriting, and her voice soars with undeniable strength on both songs as the narrative melts from one track to the next.

Daylight opens the window into Sannia’s heart and mind, with pulsing, nostalgic synths, and poignant, relatable lyrics woven amongst a gentle solo guitar. The story is familiar – unrequited love, not for a stranger but for a close friend, as Sannia explains, “I wrote this song on a train home after a big night out with friends, I sort of had this weird semi- inebriated epiphany that I was head over heels for someone close to me, and in that same moment I realised he absolutely didn’t feel the same at all. Like two ships passing in the night, or maybe a ship and a rowboat in my case.”

Hot on the heels of Into Happiness – their first new music in three years – Phantogram roll into another brand new track, Mister Impossible. Mister Impossible was written in the band’s Laurel Canyon studio and recorded at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree, California, where the duo has been working on new music for their upcoming project.

Phantogram tell the story behind the song, saying: “Mister Impossible was a song title we had in mind for a long time before it was written. We started working on it in the studio we built over the last year in Laurel Canyon, which we call Harmony West — we haven’t had our own workspace since Harmony Lodge [the barn where the band made their first couple of albums in upstate New York], and it’s been so inspiring to have the opportunity once again to create music in our own space. Then we went out to Joshua Tree this last spring to work at Rancho de la Luna, where the recording really came together — some of the most fun we’ve had making music in a long time.”

Perth art-pop prodigies GAZEY have released the music video for single Sleep. The single’s danceable krautrock beat and pulsating bass-synth groove are matched up in the Sleep music video where band member Ezekiel, riddled with anxiety, is chased through a concert hall by a crazed fan and as he runs he wonders if perhaps perspectives are shifting…

Directed by Brendan Docherty with cinematography by Alex Lorian and filmed with impeccable timing and precision in the Perth Concert Hall, GAZEY guitarist Ryan Thomas speaks about the video saying it is “very much a visual representation of the concepts within the song. I suppose it’s mostly about generalized anxiety, social standards, and the pressures we put on ourselves and others on a daily basis.”

Calling upon Australia’s very own Tash Sultana, Milky Chance are back with a brand new single Daydreaming. The result is something truly special, and is one of Milky Chance’s most introspective offerings yet.

The band met Tash recently at Groovin’ The Moo in Australia, and within months got together in her studio to create Daydreaming. The chemistry between the two is palpable. The track offers a more distinct ‘ska’ feel than previous releases and could be indicative of things to come. Sultana’s psych-infused vocal is hypnotizing and adds an exciting dynamic to the track. The hook is unmistakable Milky Chance.

“It’s not just a daydream, it’s more like a vision of how things could be, and where you could go. It’s about those mechanisms that starts working when you don’t know how to deal with reality,” says the band of the song.

Slowly Slowly are officially lifting the lid on their latest earworm, Creature Of Habit Pt. 2. It follows the romping success of their recent single Jellyfish, which launched into immediate high rotation support from triple j and a sold out single tour. Built on the soaring choruses and vivid lyricism that have defined the Melbourne favourites with every output, Creature Of Habit Pt. 2 continues Slowly Slowly’s reign as one of the most intriguing and endearing punk rock acts in the country.

Described by Slowly Slowly’s Ben Stewart as a cheeky exploration of emo sub-culture, Creature Of Habit Pt. 2 emerged post-St. Leonards when the singer-songwriter was questioning the mentality behind his creativity.

“I started analysing my own behaviour after releasing St. Leonards as I honestly wanted to change my mental processes towards being creative – I always thought I had to earn it by punishing myself mentally. Throughout this period I started to trust my instincts a little more and back my gut feelings,” he says.

One of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets is synth-pop newcomer Sugar Jacket, who is today unveiling his glimmering, retro-inspired third single Fault The Start. The track is a taste of what’s to come from the DIY artist’s upcoming debut EP Privileged Coward, out Friday, September 13.

Inspired by legendary songwriter Kevin Morby’s Beautiful Strangers, Fault The Start is a song about “the internal moral dilemmas that we face as a society while so much tragedy is occurring,” Sugar Jacket reveals. In an increasingly divided political climate, lasting change and genuine connections can feel few and far between. Sugar Jacket is setting his sights on tackling that distance and dissonance.

In the words of A.Swayze & the Ghosts:

“We have exchanged honesty, beauty, ugliness, boredom–reality–for an abstract museum inside a digitised screen, curated by big business but sustained by us. We have volunteered to pace the halls blindly, loudly. We are promised the pain of life will numb. We are given a rule for everything. We submit, we succeed. We do not feel; we do not need to anymore. We have accepted the prison and adorned the uniforms under the guise of convenience. We have connected and now we will consume.”

Check the video for Connect To Consume

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