Top Of The Hops @ Beer & BBQ Festival, Wayville SA 13/07/2019

Brr it was cold! Let me say it again Brr it was f**king cold! The Beer & BBQ Festival was on again at the Wayville Showgrounds bigger and better than ever before turning in to a staple on the Adelaide winter schedule. Combining beer, BBQ and music doesn’t get any better than that offering festival goers good value for their night out or day for those there early enough to make the most of it.

There was plenty going on that’s for sure and it was great to finally be able to see Moaning Lisa. Having heard a lot about them I was impressed with what I heard. Their single Take You Out is an absolute gem and the rest of their back catalogue will be sought out for sure. Hats off to Bec Stevens and Teenage Joans who both played great sets and it would have been if more people were there to see them.

For me the night belonged to You Am I who performed their Spinal Tap Tribute the Majesty Of Tap. Having seen You Am I pay tribute to the Tap twice at the Cabaret Festival it was even better for a third time with some different Spinal Tap classics in the set list. Not to do things by halves You Am I do a stellar job in recreating Spinal Tap’s original songs literally note for note right down to wardrobe. I think the whole concept was probably a little lost on some punters who clearly had been drinking quite a lot and more than likely expecting to hear Berlin Chair and Jewels & Bullets.

Nevertheless, You Am I played these Spinal Tap songs with passion and ferocity, not holding anything back. Kicking off with Tonight I’m Going To Rock You Tonight followed by The Majesty Of Rock. Front man Tim Rogers asked the question why would any band cover Spinal Tap? Well, because no else would and every moment is a Spinal Tap Moment. Rogers gave a brief introduction and chart position for each song indicating that Heavy Duty reach one hundred and thirty-two on the British rock charts. He definitely made a valiant claim to bring the music of the Tap back.

Warmer Than Hell, Gimme Some Money and Rock And Roll Creation were brilliantly done. There were some tongue in cheek jibes at those drinking their craft beers in the pavilions presenting an interesting proposition about fart suppression! Yep, you had to been there to get that one. Up against the clock there was still time for Sex Farm, Big Bottom, Stonehenge and what Rogers proclaimed as being the best Spinal Tap song in Hell Hole. Again Rogers stated they do this because no one else will and thanks for giving us a chance wrapping up their set with the song they started with. Sensational!

DJ Yella of NWA fame headlined the night with Hypeman Playboy T. People literally came from everywhere to get in amongst it and literally get this “gangster” party started. By this stage I was beyond cold and really needed to get the feeling back in my feet. After California Love it was stage left for me and time to bust a move to the car park. Kudos to the organisers of the Beer & BBQ Festival and no doubt it will be back again next year even bigger and better again.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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