Bright Lights, Beer City @ Beer & BBQ Festival, Wayville 12/7/2019

A festival dedicated to Beer and BBQ, how good is that? Add in some live music and that’s even better! Add in Aussie punk legends Frenzal Rhomb and that’s pretty close to perfection!!

And that’s exactly what we got Friday night at the opening night of the 2019 Beer and BBQ Festival and the Wayville Showgrounds. Friday night, big after work crowd and not even the arctic Adelaide winter could put a dampener on this night.

The horrible weather meant that the indoor pavilions were packed, but that just made for a great atmosphere as punters got around and sampled the very best beers being brewed around SA, Australia and few international guests too. And there are some rippers, from the boys at the Big Shed and Brew Boys, Young Henry’s, Little Bang, Bentspoke, Swell and then some of the big boys like Coopers. There was something for everyone and some real experimental stuff for the adventurous. I think my pick was the Rum and Raison Stout from the Big Shed, delicious!!

Beer, BBQ, live music, what else do you need… tattoos!! There was also a tattoo parlour running with a number of artists inking inspired patrons, because it’s always a good idea to get inked after you’ve had a few beers. I saw at least one punter with a beer logo tattoo, which was good for free beers on the night, but I’m not sure if it would still be a great idea when they woke up Saturday morning…

Unfortunately the poor weather did mean that most of the bands played to minimal crowds, fortunately you still hear them from the fire barrels which was also popular spot for those looking to keep warm.

The battle of the bands finalists filled out the early slots, then St Judes, Voiid and Cash Savage and the Last Drinks filled the support slots. The early bands, despite the small crowds put on good rocking shows. By the time Frenzal Rhomb took the stage though at 10pm most punters were wearing pretty thick beer blankets and were ready to brave the cold for the headlining punk rock show.

As always, Frenzal didn’t disappoint. Firing onstage and opening with the one-two punch of Bird Attack and Cunt Act sent the tone for the evening. The lads were sharp, despite having a fill in bass player in the absence of Tom. Russell Crowes Band and Mr Charisma were both good sing-alongs and got the pit really moving. Other highlights were Punch In The Face, You Are Not My Friend, Ballchef and the set was finished with the belter Never Had So Much Fun.

As the mosh pit dissipated and last drinks were called, punters drank their last beers, grabbed a bite for the road, let the ink dry on their new tats and exited into the cold dark and wet night.

There will be some hangovers tomorrow and maybe some tattoo regret, but what a cracker night!! Cant wait for Saturday!!

Live Review By Tim Nicholas

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