Baby Got Back: Size Queens @ Ukiyo at Gluttony, Adelaide 8/3/2019

From the moment you walk into the Ukiyo at Gluttony you know this is not any ordinary cabaret / burlesque show. Already on stage as we entered, strippers wearing giant kitten heads are dancing and gyrating setting the scene. Wearing collars and tags that read ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘dyke’, ‘bitch. Before entering the venue, audience members were handed money which the kitten-headed strippers invited people to throw at the dancers. Later informing us that the value of each note is the amount of the gender pay gap.

The show explores issues relating to women including online dating behaviours, perceptions of body image, female sexuality and many more. This show will challenge your views and is not for the prudish or the political conservative.

Host of the show, Memphis Mae brings a balance of humour, with serious and topical issues, without being awkward through social observations and facts.

This is a cabaret show that is in your face carrying a strong feminist message. Given that it was International Women’s Day seemed very appropriate and provides a strong and powerful message of what it is to be woman. This hour-long show will have you laughing and leaving feeling empowered.

Fringe Review By Ilona Schultz

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1 thought on “Baby Got Back: Size Queens @ Ukiyo at Gluttony, Adelaide 8/3/2019

  1. I disagree with your review Ilona. I found it revolting and crude, as did the majority of the audience based on the reactions and faces around me. This wasn’t ‘feminism’ – it was vulgarity. I’m not a prude, nor am I politically conservative and I was all prepared for a bit of fun and laughter and perhaps to be challenged a little – but this show made me cringe and had me wishing the time away so that I could get out. Many people left before the performers came out for their final bow – that doesn’t happen very often and was a pretty good indication that they weren’t impressed.

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