Mickey D: Can Do! @ Masonic – The Little Sparrow at Gluttony, Adelaide 9/3/2019

Hometown comedian Mickey D: Can Do! was sure to know quite a few of the people in the audience at this afternoon’s gig. I’d met him a few times, so was excited to hear he was premiering his brand new show right here at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe.

Mickey D’s hilarious stories of fatherhood, Adelaide drivers, and trying to be a good husband, were all subjects to which many in the audience could relate. The all-round good guy demonstrated an acerbic quick-wittedness with his affirmative, friendly yet facetious interactions with the audience. I’m sure no two shows would be the same because at times it seems he just went with a stream of consciousness that yielded up observations on OTRs, the midnight pharmacy, the Brittania roundabout and a whole heap of other good South Aussie topics.

At times, the pace was a little slow, but this could have been due to the sauna-like environment on Mickey’s small stage. Stories involving Kiwis, South Africans, methamphetamine enthusiasts, the Scottish, English and Welsh were all delivered with impeccable timing and some fine impersonations.

Mickey D has been touring the international comedy circuits for over a decade now, to wide acclaim. If you want to get along to see some home-grown talent who knows exactly how to relate to his audience, Mickey D will do the job!

Fringe Review By Kim Burley

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