Paint & Sip @ Studio Vino, Adelaide 9/3/2019

Paint & Sip can make even the most unartistic person into Monet! This interactive art experience provides you with all the tools needed including canvas, brushes and paint. Local artist, Jen guides the group through step-by-step how to create the image chosen for the day. The best part is the fact that you can purchase wine at the venue to assist with your creative spirit becoming unleashed.

The session I attended was recreating an image called Mystical Forest. At times it felt like I was completely out of my depth and not keeping up, and my artwork not resembling the demonstration piece at all – but with persistence, some guidance along the way and a few laughs I ended up achieving the desired image.

This is by no means a serious art class with no rules. If you choose not to paint what is being demonstrated, you have the choice to free flow and do whatever you would like to paint.

At the end when you can walk around and look at the individual finished efforts, every single one is different with their own personalised take on the same painting. And just like at kindergarten – you get to take home your canvas with your finished artwork to hang up at home.

Paint & Sip is a fantastic way to spend a couple hours with friends, or on a date doing something fun and still getting to drink a wine or two.

Fringe Review By Ilona Schultz

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