The Magnets – Naked 80s @ Wonderland Spiegeltent Gluttony, Adelaide 2/03/19

The 80s is one of if not THE most popular decade in music. Why is it that people born after that decade love the music? The young woman at the desk outside of the Wonderland Spiegeltent was born at least 20 years after and she said “I love the 80s and it was the best music.” There’s something catchy, fun and indulgent about that era of music and what a better way to capture that fun and excitement than to hear many of those classic hits in acapella with the brilliant beatboxing sounds by The Magnets.

From the first note sung these five strapping lads from the UK and USA entertained, excited and thrilled us with their strong vocals and even better beatboxing skills. Their harmonies were soulful bringing new life to all the favourite 80s hits. For me when they started with one of my favourite songs Here I Go Again by Whitesnake and did it justice meant they had won me over from song one!

Each lad had a chance to shine their vocals taking it in turns to sing a much loved 80s hit from every genre. They covered Rock, RnB, Pop, Soul and even Hop Hip/Rap. When you have such iconic artists like artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Blondie and more to choose from can you really put on a bad show?

The Magnets are simply brilliant. They know how to excite an audience. The beatboxing is incredible and at times you had to stop and think “there’s no band.” Not to stop short of only having great vocals these guys know how to win an audience over with their wit and charm. So when it was time for them to do an 80s medley they didn’t need to convince us to much to get up and dance. It was an 80s mix of the best and well known hits covering everyone from Bowie to The Proclaimers.

If you like to have a Celebration and then Walk This Way to Gluttony and get yourself a ticket to The Magnets! The last song of the night is an Aussie classic. If you want to know which one it is go see the show!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

For tickets and show information to The Magnets head to Fringe-Tix.

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