Finale @ The Peacock at Gluttony, Adelaide 2/3/2019

Death-defying drops from great heights, soaring vocals, bone-shaking beats and precise comedic timing makes this show one not to be missed. Performing to an enthusiastic crowd on a hot Friday night, this eight person, Berlin circus troupe brings new gritty meaning to the genre. Acts involving more traditional apparatus such as the Cyr wheel, pole, juggling and aerial hoop complement edgier show-stopping moments using piles of books, beer crates and a plank bought from Bunnings.

From powerhouse live vocals and tight drum beats to a Van Damme wannabe clown, this is an hour that is pure entertainment from start to end. Encouraging the audience to join in for every part of the show, what made this act stand out from other similar productions, was its realism, grunginess and humility.

Commendable to see most of the whole ensemble on stage supporting every act and sharing the spotlight equally amongst the troupe. A little difficult to hear the performers talking to us at times because apart from the beautiful songstress, they didn’t use microphones. A few tiny mishaps didn’t detract from this awe-inspiring and polished performance – it all just made it seem even more real. A favourite moment for me in this performance were the acrobatic feats involving piles of books and a chair – it needs to be seen to be believed. If Kurt Cobain ever joined Cirque de Soleil, this would be the resultant genius collaboration.

Fringe Review By Kim Burley

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