Hans: Like a German @ The Octagon Gluttony, Adelaide 3/03/2019

Hans: Like a German. Do I need to say anything more? It’s not my first Hans experience and believe me every time I see him he surprises me with new quick-witted jibes as well as makes me laugh at the standard Hans dry sarcastic ones. Hans is the ultimate in fun and laughter. I walk out of a Hans show with a huge smile and feel good tingles each time.

Starting off with The Sound of Music’s Do Re Mi Hans rolls into the venue with a Lime Scooter yelling out “Good evening Sunday night” nearly knocking out an audience member in the process. Not expecting that to happen at that moment he proclaimed ” I knew that would happen in a show eventually.” With roars of laughter coming from all direction that was pretty much how it was for the next hour!

For most of the night he was shaking his toned (toned added to humour him) little toosh in his shiny glittery hotpants. He wasn’t the only hot thing in the venue. It was a scorching day and the heat carried over into the tent where Hans yelled out “Welcome to the Bikram version of the Fringe.” We all were feeling the heat but lucky for us distracted by the fun and antics of the show.

While most of the show was hilarious the best bits where the dirt on America’s Got Talent. You gotta love that lack of sense of humour by the Americans but to our advantage it makes for a good laugh. The social media comments after his appearance on the show were pure gold.

Its not a Hans show without some songs on the accordion. Blasting his favourite hits including a tribute for the current Catholic Church woes by playing Madonna’s Like a Prayer. The Aussie medley on accordion is also a hoot.

This year there were no Lucky Bitches but the alternative was just as good. Two male dancers selected from the audience dressed up in mini glittery Hans outfits. While they may not get a call up from any talent show they did Hans proud.

Special mention to the fabulous band ‘The Ungrateful Bastards’ who were also joined by a horn section this year which added a funky little groove to the mix.

A Hans show is always a feet stomping, hand clapping and side splitting adventure. Its fast paced, go go go and that’s what makes it brilliant. There’s no time to think you’re constantly entertained and for a 6pm timeslot it sets you up for the rest of the night. Go see Hans. I guarantee you wont regret it!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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