Michael Hing @ Drama Llama, Rhino Room, Adelaide 26/2/2019

Fast talking Michael Hing begins his show being utterly shocked that anyone has shown up. You might think it was a ‘bit’, and maybe it was, but when you can count the number of people at your last Adelaide show on your thumbs, it makes sense.

Over the years since his last visit, Sydney comedian Hing has built up quite a fan base from his radio appearances on Triple J (a childhood dream) and his part on SBS current affairs and comedy show The Feed. He has even been recognised on the street!

The laughs came fast and loud, one audience member even been singled out for laughing too much. I guess there is a limit to how much one should enjoy a joke about September 11… don’t worry! It’s not as awful as it sounds, and it’s all beautifully, if painfully, explained while exploring depression, the loss of a favourite hoodie, relationships, arts and crafts and shopping for a therapist.

Much of Hing’s comedy centres around racism and truth, and acknowledging his faults as an imperfect human. In his own words he ‘likes the kind of comedy where the joke could go wrong’. Apart from a few jaw dropping gasps, the room really did respond with laughter through the whole set and I encourage everyone to check out this awkwardly charming comedian.

And remember, Mark Zuckerburg is the villain.

Fringe Review By Carly Whittaker

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