Amy Hetherington Reasons Why Adelaide Really Is RADelaide

Darwin’s Comedy Queen Amy Heterington is bringing unique tropical chaos with her second solo show, Where They Hide The Crazy. Her effervescent charm has skyrocketed her onto the radars of many throughout Australia’s comedy community and with her second solo show ready to tour, Darwin’s Amy Hetherington is raring to take 2019 by the horns. Her new show, Where They Hide The Crazy, is the latest batch of classic Amy Hetherington material that is bound to have audiences in stitches, and is soon coming to the Adelaide Fringe.

Hey Adelaide. Seeing as there’s rumours South Australia may take over the Northern Territory and make one super state I thought I’d get on board now and tell you why I love you… please be kind as our new overlords.

You know how to cram
Adelaide mate, did you know there are twelve months in the year? You guys do an incredible job cramming ever single festival into February/March… it’s impressive and scary. I feel like you’d be great at cramming for an exam.

Wine and Wine and Wine
I come from the Northern Territory… so we don’t have nice things. But you guys do! Holy heck South Australia does a lovely drop of wine. Given my comedy target market is middle aged wine drinking women I think I’d get along with Adelaide crowds.

The Adelaide Zoo
A lot of people talk about the panda but you have the best lemurs ever at Adelaide Zoo! Cutest little furry faces. I once sat at the lemur enclosure with a hangover and watched the lemurs for two hours. That sounded sadder for me then I intended, but I just really like lemurs.

Adelaide Crows
I’m a Crows fan! Solid team, great colours and Eddie Betts… plus a heap of NT players have joined the crows in the past few years (especially in the AFLW). Speaking of AFLW can I just declare my absolute admiration and obsession with Erin Phillips. And you guys have her… if we had playing cards I’d trade you my entire collection just for her. If anyone reads this and knows her can you tell her I was a lot cooler about this then I actually was?

Your Comedy Scene
Adelaide is the home of some of my favourite comedians. You have amazing comedy venues and amazing people hustling to make Adelaide comedy the best in Australia. I’ve always felt very welcomed by the Adelaide comics and I’m super grateful for that. Some of my favourite Adelaide human comedians include (apologies if I miss someone) Marcel Blanch-de Wilt, Lewis Dowell, Leigh Qurban, Lewis Garnham, Fabian Clark, Kel Balnaves, Marc Ryan, Nick O’Connell, Patrick Carl, Angus Hodge, Demi Lardner, Sam Simmons, Dave Callan, Alicia Norton, Mikayla Lynch, Daisy Kraehe, Dave Campbell, Nicholas Huntley, Greg Fleet, Vaughan Henderson, Pat McCaffrie, Duncan M. Turner, James McCann…. Go see all their shows, spend all your money and have a great Adelaide Fringe.

For tickets to Amy Hetherington’s “Where They Hide The Crazy” head to Fringe-Tix.

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