The Singing Psychic Game Show

The Singing Psychic Game Show is premiering her show for the first time in Australia at the Adelaide Fringe and if anything the interview Hi-Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles had with her is that this show should be “Bonkers!” Mixing cabaret, a game show and psychic readings has got to make one fun night.

Youre the Singing Psychic. Tell us a bit about yourself?
I ‘walk’ through a world of music, everyone’s hearts sing songs to me as well as buildings. I tried denying this for years as a child but I have now accepted my gift, everyone must indeed learn to love and embrace themselves in all their own kind of fabulous, matter how ‘different’ you may feel from the rest of society. So now I use my gifts to spread joy by ‘reading’ the songs in people’s hearts. I have taken fortune-telling back to its origins. The word ‘fortune’ actually comes from the word ‘four-tunes’. So I have developed my own Singing Psychic tarot cards where audiences give me areas of their life they want and pick four tunes from my own ‘tarot card deck’ of pop songs. So far we have had lost school pets, small penis size issues + a lot of romance advice as psychic problems for me to solve.

What kind of antics can we expect from the show?
As well as the audience readings we play team games from psychic bingo to psychic Jenga. It’s all big teams so noone feels picked on. It’s a giant ball of fun + joy. Of course my audience do know that I am always right. So the riotous fun is underpinned with actual psychic truth!

Do you get to do some readings on audience members?
Yes! They are a super fun part of the show 🙂 I do a few kinds of readings including the songs in the moment I can hear in the moment, the four-tune readings and birthday readings! I look at the songs around when people are born, as the first thing that develops in your mother’s womb is your sense of hearing. So the music your parents played when you were still unborn and in your formative years has a huge impact on your life. I am the first psychic in the world to look at that.

Is it safe to say your completely bonkers?
In a good way yes!

Describe your show in one word?

Fringe Interview By Anastasia Lambis

For tickets, show dates and times to The Singing Psychic Game Show head to Fringe-Tix.

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