Big Smoke Fauna @ La Boehme, Adelaide 20/02/2019

Frankly has become one of my favourite local Adelaide artists. This year at the Adelaide Fringe her new show is Big Smoke Fauna and I must admit I was intrigued by the title. I was wondering what it was referring to as I wouldn’t describe Adelaide as the big smoke and it was during a trip to Melbourne (the big smoke) she came to the realisation of “rebirth”. My idea of the “Big Smoke” would be New York where I can picture Frankly performing in a cosy little downtown New York bar but tonight it was downtown Adelaide in our own cosy little bar, La Boehme.

To quote this candid and immensely talented artist “Opening night makes me feel weird. I get an adrenaline rush,” this sets the tone of what we were going to experience for the next hour. A quirky yet honest account of her year in 2018 and how she had to deal with the thought of being an adult. So, her big smoke fuck up became the show Big Smoke Fauna. Yes, it’s a tough gig being an adult but it’s certainly more entertaining hearing Frankly’s account.

Armed with a keyboard, a soulful and penetrating voice she performed a mix of original songs and spoken words telling us about her shitty rental house that’s over the flight path, to questioning her choice to be an artist and then what career choice she finally decided on, until doubt set in when friends and family told her that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea. The raw honesty and sheer transparency of her insecurities makes it a fun and heart-warming show.

One of the quotes from the show that stood out to me was when a Fortune Teller told Frankly “I think you have confused your passion with your purpose.” Besides being a quote that gave some perspective to my life I think it’s relevant to Frankly as it was obvious where her passion lies.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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