Adelaide Comedy’s 2019 Next Generation

Since 2010 ACNG has been show casing the South Australian comedians of tomorrow at the Fringe! Check out some of the funniest acts that have come out of Adelaide’s Open Mic circuit over the last year. Each night show cases 5 of this years best with an Adelaide Comedy Legend spot chosen by the night’s host that pays respect to someone who has inspired them. Don’t miss the 2019 crew before they crack the big time! Alex Green, Baz McCulloch, Billie Duncan, Craig Fridey, Daniel Caldicott, Desmond Plane, James Grey, Kim Le, Laura Taylor and Vincent Meyrick. Kim Le answers a few questions about the show.

The show is called 2019 Next Generation which is a comedy show. Can you tell us a bit about it?
Each year, Adelaide Comedy at Rhino Room have a tradition of putting on a showcase of 10 of the best up and coming stand-up comics from Adelaide. We are playing downstairs in a beautiful, comfortable (most important) 90 seat room called Drama Llama at Rhino Room Pirie Street. Not sure why they called it that because I’ve never seen a Rhino or a Llama. I guess Monarto is too far for people to go for a Fringe show. But the comics in our lineup are complete animals!

Is it the first time each comedian is performing at the Adelaide Fringe?
For most of us, yes, this will be our first time performing at Fringe. Setting up your own solo show at Fringe is a daunting task for anyone starting out in their career in comedy. The Next Generation Showcase allows us to participate in Adelaide Fringe, with a nurturing and caring team who take care of everything for us. It is like one big dysfunctional family. Luckily, we all have a good sense of humour and crave attention.

Your performing at the Rhino Room. Tell us a bit about what its like to perform there?
Rhino Room is like my second home. I feel so comfortable on stage there, because that is where I started and perform regularly. Too bad our show is in Drama Llama, which I’ve never playing in before. Now you got me thinking. Is it too late to pull out? Please don’t tell the people of Adelaide to come, because I will probably make a fool of myself now. Oh no.

What can audiences expect when they come see the show?
They can expect not to see any Rhinos or Llamas. Comedy yes. Fauna no. Also please don’t feed the comics.

In one word describe 2019 Next Generation?

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

For tickets, show dates and times to Adelaide Comedy’s Next Generation head to Fringe Tix.

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