Boyce Avenue @ The Gov, Adelaide 3/2/2019

Boyce Avenue are a name synonymous with song covers, producing acoustic renditions of some of the world’s greatest songs, and have gathered millions of followers worldwide in their wake. Bursting into headlines late 2017 with a cover of The Chainsmokers’ Closer featuring Sarah Hyland, this acoustic pop band who first found fame on YouTube have showed that they are a force that are here to stay.

Now selling out venues with a cavalier mix of work featuring songs like Wonderwall plus their own songs, it seems that their loyal fan base are just as interested in their original material, as they are in the foundations that set them apart from a local pub band.

In the era of social media fame, it is a testament to brothers Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel Manzano that they have managed to sand out in a truly saturated sea of music moguls hoping to hit the big time. Today they stand reigning as one of the most viewed YouTube bands worldwide with over 4.3 billion views.

Stepping out into the dimly lit Gov stage in Adelaide to a roar of faces, where young and old intermingled hoping to hear their favourite songs live, it wasn’t too long before the keys of the piano were tickled, the strings of the acoustic guitars gently strung, and the distinctive voices of the golden trio calming the audience into silence.

Moving from Wonderwall into songs such as Happier, When I Was Your Man, and Hear Me Now, it was the unusual medley of Natalie Imbruglia and Ed Sheeran with Torn/ Castle on a Hill that was truly a standout of the evening. Songs from their 2010 debut album All We Have Left were peppered between covers, and from the lyrical dance they wove on top of their melodies, it’s easy to say that they are a band that have a future supporting some of the artists and acts that they cover in their repertoire.

Hailing from sunny Florida, Boyce Avenue have toured worldwide to massive audiences and praise, last seen in Australia in late 2016 to a completely sold out tour. Finishing the evening with an encore of arguably their most well-known song, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, it became evident that there’s more to bands than lyrics and melody, as the soul of every song was written across each of their faces, mirrored in the audience.

For the un-indoctrinated, the fast pace of Alejandro’s humour is matched only by the banter he shares with his brothers and fellow band mates. Translating into musical talent, they bring out another side to songs that it’s a privilege to see. It will be an interesting ride to see where Boyce Avenue go, with rumours of a second album in the works, the question remains as to whether they make the full leap to originality, leaving their covers as a foundation in which to truly shine as an independent band.

Would definitely see again. Remarkable, passionate, and incredibly talented.

Live Review By Robyn Clifford

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