Holy Holy, Clews, Blush Response @ The Gov, Adelaide 6/12/2018

The Governor Hindmarsh play host to Holy Holy’s national Faces tour. They’ve bought Sydney Alt -rock band Clews along for the ride and local Adelaide band Blush Response complete the line-up.

It’s hot and sweaty before a person even enters having hit 37 degrees on the day and the night begins with Adelaide shoegaze alternative band Blush Response. A dynamic mix of soft and slow guitars eased us into before a chaotic distorted and beautiful groove intertwined. Fronted by song writer Alistair Douglas, Blush Response conjure up dreamy echoing tracks that create a rollercoaster of chills. Tracks from their debut LP Hearts Grow Dull are driven by catchy guitars and melodic vocals that build a wall of noise before crashing down into a euphoric haze. A great start to the show I’d highly recommend catching a glimpse if you love bands like the Horrors or City Calm Down.

Sydney’s Clews were soon to follow. The four-piece fronted by song writing sisters Lily and Grace Richardson. They really drew in the crowd and as numbers started to pick up so too did the energy in the room, it kicked up a notch as they lead into the up tempo single Crushed, but there were more soulful moments when the harmonising voices sat out on their own to hold the crowds attention. High rotation track Museum was a clear crowd favourite and the room was well and truly ready to enjoy the headliner.

Holy Holy takes the stage to a now packed main room at The Gov, and immediately they kick into an incredible set that was jam packed with so many great tracks it’s hard to keep up or pick a highlight! The band has been releasing quality tunes for over five years now and they really showcase song writing as an art form. Two albums down and well on the way to releasing their third, the bands main songwriters Timothy Carroll (vocals, guitar) and Oscar Dawson (guitar) built a sound that has undeniable heart and soul. Their live show is quite spectacular as they journey through the beautifully constructed tracks from early works off When The Storms Would Come like History, A Heroine and (the wonderfully titled) You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog, as well as second album Paint show not only great musicianship, but insightful and observant lyrics that tell a relatable story. The band even recently quoted by the one and only Liam Gallagher (“darkness is nothing but a lack of light” from Sentimental and Monday) on Twitter, the band is really starting to hi t its straps and find the praise that quality song writing deserves.

With the crowd lapping up every tune, the set fired into the tour track Faces with Clews girls helping with backing vocals and the room exploded into a sweaty mess. It can be surprising sometimes how a band can keep producing such likeable tracks, the set including  That Message, Darwinism, Elevator, Two Lovers… the list of catchy tunes just keeps getting longer and the new tracks they are playing (Faces, Teach Me About Dying) bringing a little more energetic feel to the set showing there’s no doubt that Holy Holy have that something special, and an ability to put on a show that matches their talent to put together a stunning track. Impressive show and a great atmosphere made this a highly enjoyable Thursday evening!

Live Review by Peter Young

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