Five Things You Didn’t Know About Neon Tetra

2018 has proven to be a fruitful one for Adelaide four piece Neon Tetra, as they have continued to develop as a band behind the scenes while on live stages, they have flourished into a formidable groove machine. From supporting UK superstar Robbie Williams earlier this year, to celebrating the release of infectious single The End Begins Again with successful shows, all roads have led Neon Tetra to this point: the release of their long awaited debut EP, POLLEN.

Recorded and mixed at Adelaide’s Deep Blue Studios with Reid Jones and mastered by Mike Marsh (Oasis, Phoenix, The Avalanches) at The Exchange Studios in London, the sounds of POLLEN are refined and delivered with the finesse of a band who have been taking their approach to their craft to the next level. The horns boost the upbeat vibes, while the use of synths – though not unfamiliar to the Neon Tetra fold – have been executed with slick precision that is going to prove irresistible when brought to the live arena.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Neon Tetra

Dan (synth) was our first drummer.
Unfortunately this only lasted for one rehearsal, too much of a penchant for break beats meant that he instead found his home on the synth bass and ultimately synth.

Our mascot is a fish.
Tropical fish hobbyists are usually disappointed when they stumble upon our social media. While eating at a Chinese restaurant, our friend Anton, who is a marine biologist; was pointing out the names of all of the fish in the aquarium next to us. The Neon Tetra is a small fish with a bright stripe running along its side.

We officially have a fifth permanent member!
Bill Meegan of Sleepy Lizard & Console Warriors fame has joined Neon Tetra as our permanent guitarist. Bill believes in synth-y grooves and speed dealers in a way that few can understand. After a few cameos on the percussion he has now taken our live show to lofty new heights. We’re very excited to see how he influences our song writing moving forward.

We used a body double for the Reflections film clip.
Liam (bass) wasn’t available for the shooting of the Reflections clip, so our good friend Stuart Patterson of The Empty Threats filled in to play the role of tall, curly haired heart throb.

The Neon Tetra Family is far larger than it appears.
Over the course of the band’s history twenty-five different people have appeared on stage to play as part of Neon Tetra. Admittedly one or two of those were cow-bell cameos.

Compiled by Rob Lyon

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