Bloods are Sydney four piece made up of guitarist and lead singer MC, Sweetie on bass and vocals, Dirk on drums and new addition of Mike on guitar and vocals. Since their inception in 2011, they have released a bunch of 7″ singles, a critically acclaimed EP Golden Fang and their debut LP Work It Out. They’ve toured extensively in Australia, sharing stages with the likes of Veruca Salt, Dum Dum Girls (USA), Red Kross (USA), Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jeff The Brotherhood and a bunch more.

Feelings is set for release on August 17th on Share It Music / Sub Pop. Feelings was recorded with producer and friend Liam Judson (‘Bliss Release’ Cloud Control/ ‘Hope Downs’ Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever) in the games room of Liam’s parents’ house in NSW’s Blue Mountains. Feelings was written over a tumultuous eighteen month period whlie lead singer MC was processing the end of a ten year relationship. Dirk and MC from the band answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What is that feeling like when you have finished the album knowing that there is nothing else you can do?
DJ: It’s actually a massive relief! I think, when the album isn’t finalised, I tend to go nuts wanting to change little things and generally send myself crazy! But once it’s actually on CD or vinyl, it actually feels finished – it’s a great feeling.

How would you describe Feelings sonically?
DJ: I’d say punky with a shiny pop sheen! Compared to our last record (which was quite lofi and garagey), this one is shiny!

Has the Bloods sound evolved?
DJ: I definitely think our sound has evolved. We started out playing fairly simple tunes but with this round, we kinda went for it and ended up needing a second guitarist to actually play the damn things as they’d become a bit too complex for a 3 piece!

Does anything stand out as significant in terms of influences this time round?
MC: This time around we got to explore a much broader pallet of musical influences. There is and always will be the common thread of 90s female fronted rock-pop-grunge that runs through our songs, because that is the kind of music we all love, but this time some more unexpected influences crept their way into the songwriting process. Bands like Grandaddy, Ride, Luscious Jackson, Beck, Sleigh Bells and even Janet Jackson influenced different tracks on the record.

How was the recording experience?
DJ: It was super fun, but long! We did it in bursts over the last two years or so – so we’d be really active, then we’d have a break as life kinda gets in the way of these things. We worked with some lovely people though, so that usually makes for a good recording experience, and MC and Sweetie are amazing at cooking so we ate like kings and queens!

Did everything go to plan?
DJ: Yes I think so, listening back to the album, it actually has exceeded my expectations. So nice to be blown away by your own album!

Do you think being on the Sub Pop label that will open a few more doors?
DJ: Signing to Sub Pop Publishing was a huge vote of confidence for us – and it’s been a pleasure working with those guys! It definitely helps I think, as Sub Pop is such a beloved label (especially by me!). The album itself is releasing through Share It Records which is an incredible non-profit initiative put together by a lovely team over in Seattle. Basically a portion of the proceeds go towards a charity of our choice – we chose the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

How important is it for the band to partner with Share It Music?
DJ: Incredibly important! We hadn’t even considered the idea of a non-profit record label, but it really sits well with us. And they are lovely people who have been a pleasure to work with!

What important projects does your chosen charity Indigenous Literacy Foundation have on the go?
DJ: They do amazing work – they are all about literacy, so they supply books to kids, they encourage reading in younger kids, and they actually publish books written by the community.

Any plans to get on the road and tour and overseas?
DJ: Absolutely! We plan on returning to the US next year, can’t wait to get back over and eat some delicious pizza and tacos!

Interview by Rob Lyon

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