King Of Comedy @ The Cranny At The Producers, Adelaide 13/3/2018

Giving yourself the title of the King of Comedy is undoubtedly a big call. But if it had proverbial shoes to fill, the Liverpool-born Kyle Legacy would certainly dance around in them.

Crammed into one of the smallest fringe venues I’ve ever experienced, The Cranny at The Producers Bar offered an ‘intimate’ setting to spend an hour with one of the most vivacious characters The Adelaide Fringe had to offer.

Entering the room sporting a cape and a crown, and warning us early that he had ‘only three jokes’ and that most of the show would be about his nan, it’s safe to say that none of us knew what we were in for.

Kyle is at the top of his game when the crowd are eager to interact. Unfortunately, years of avoiding eye-contact with comedians lest it involve you in the show, left the room quiet at times, and some back-up material may have assisted him during these spaces. When the banter is rolling however, Kyle can’t put a foot wrong, and there were times when I didn’t stop laughing between jokes as his quick wit more than matched the heckling that Adelaide provided.

With incredible improvisation skills, and a charisma that lights up the room (well beyond the bounds of the broom closet), Kyle is as likeable as he is unusual. His goofy tangents have a surreal-quality that are reminiscent of 3am chats after a night of heavy drinking.

With no set skits, this is a show that will change every night, and more than promises to keep you on your toes.

Long live the King.

Three Stars

Fringe Review by Robyn Clifford

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