Irish Comedian Of The Year @ The Red Room At Austral Hotel, Adelaide 16/3/2018

It’s Steve Bennett’s second time to the Adelaide Fringe Festival, this time with two shows, the Best of the Irish and the Irish Comedian of the Year and it’s not hard to see why, as this likeable Irishman, equipped with his trusty ukulele provided us with an easy hour of musical comedy.

After hearing of his win and prize of a trip “Down Under” he saw this not only as a fabulous way to extend his career, see the world, but an amazing opportunity to repair his failing relationship. He was wrong. But hey, the show must go on, right?

His exciting new adventure led him to do research on our far off land. But reading about the long list of creatures that can kill you, resulted in a lot of sleepless nights for him and some very funny comedy for us. Steve jams a lot into his whirlwind show and sometimes it was a little hard to keep up. He seamlessly integrates quirky, ukulele-backed songs into his act, including the finale, a twisted “lullaby” for children, which the audience joyfully joined in with the chorus, “We are all going to die”. He is also quite baffled by the number refusals by schools to use children for his research and development.

Steve can see the funny side to almost anything in life, from dating to religion and politics. He even recites his own hilarious attempt at a realistic version of porn.

He took the audience interruptions in his stride, adding to his endless charm. I would have liked to seen Steve’s other show as part of the Best of the Irish line-up, maybe next year.

Four Stars

Fringe Review by Mandy Keulen

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