Amos Gill @ Rhino Room, Adelaide 16/3/2018

Local identity Amos Gill is a radio host, stand up comedian and a great storyteller. His tales of love, dating, what not to do in a relationship and how to reply to a break-up text, were delightful and refreshing, not to mention very funny.

Amos ended his long-term relationship after realising they just wanted different things – she wanted children and weekend market visits and he wanted uninterrupted Sundays on the couch with Fox Footy.  Shortly after, on a trip to Melbourne to attend last year’s AFL Grand Final, Amos found himself reunited with his old flame, “X” (names have been changed to protect the guilty). This wasn’t good timing for him, as he was feeling quite vulnerable, (what with the Crows devastating loss to Richmond earlier that day) he fell for her and she did him, or so he thought.   However what happened next, should never happen to anyone, and subsequently led Amos on a hilarious journey to, of all places, a dodgy strip club run by a drug cartel, in Mexico!   Leaving Amos thinking, how did I get here? And how do I get out of here?  $700 lighter and thankful to be out with his life, Amos, still blinded by love, couldn’t let go of his illusion that X was the perfect girl.  A heartfelt email sent to her on Christmas eve did not provoke the response he was looking for and Amos showed us the art of a simple, but perfect response.

His polite demeanour and honest recount of his experiences had the packed crowd, at the Rhino Room, well and truly in his corner.  I would highly recommend checking out one of his gigs, this certainly won’t be my last.

Five Stars

Fringe Review by Mandy Keulen

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