Voicehouse Vocal Workshop @ Studio 1, Adelaide 6/3/2017

I’ve always harboured a secret desire to belt out a song in front of a crowd, but was never really sure I had what it takes.  So, when an opportunity arose to take part in an introductory vocal workshop at Voicehouse Studios as part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe, I decided it was time to test myself and I’m so glad I did…

While we were almost all coming from different levels of experience, Deanna, director of the Voicehouse, made everyone in our group feel completely at ease from the outset, as we found ourselves welcomed into a relaxing, intimate rehearsal room, safe from any judgement.

The session kicked off with Deanna taking us through the core disciplines we would touch on during the session, all of which built practically on the preceding one, to provide a solid starting foundation. There were plenty of opportunities to practice as we learnt too, both in a group singing environment, as well as a few chances to see how we’d sound solo. The latter was a daunting experience, but an unforgettable one, as I had a chance to see what my untrained voice could really do, without the safety net of other singers.

The workshop was a great experience and while singing in front of others will always be confronting and challenging, this was pretty much the best environment I could have hoped for.  So, if you get a chance and you are interested in seeing if you can cut it vocally, I can recommend Voicehouse highly enough to lay almost all of your fears to rest.

Review by Peter Lanyon

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