The Curiosity Experiment

“It’s is up to your own imagination to decide how far you go into the darkest corners of your mind.” – Myron My, Theatre press, Melbourne Fringe 2016

Care to join an eccentric storyteller with 13 strangers to hear a peculiar tale?
Are you brave enough to peek beneath the blindfold?

The Curiosity Experiment is an interactive ghost story that sees 13 strangers sitting around a table – blindfolded. Listen closely as the Eccentric Host of the evening tells a tale that has been passed down the generations, of a supernatural experience that he himself was part of as a child.

Creator Nathan Schulz concentrates on the deprivation of sight during performance to enhance the other senses and ignite the audience’s imagination – “I wanted to achieve something new, something different, I wanted to go back to a time when people used their imagination. In this way the audience gets to watch, listen, think and feel having all their senses engaged rather than merely being the observer in a detached way”.

Requesting the audience re-create the same experiment depicted from the letter, is what follows re-enactment? Or does something a little more sinister happen?…
Are you brave enough to peek beneath the blindfold?

The Curiosity Experiment…an intimate & interactive ghost story involving sensory deprivation and your own imagination.

The Curiosity Experiment runs from 2 to 7 March at Carclew House and Grounds at Carclew (11 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide). Tickets from Fringe Tix.


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